14th December 2022

Trucking Facing Bumpy Road to Alternative Fuel Power

In a world where EV passenger cars are increasingly common, we still aren’t seeing many heavy trucks powered by anything but good old-fashioned diesel. This leaves an impression that...

By Eric Volkman

27th October 2022

Editor Blog: Ford Battery Blinkered to Pull Plug on the Fiesta

Ford will be killing off one of its most successful selling models as it hurtles pell-mell towards an electric strategy that no-one can guarantee really is the future for...


12th May 2022

Daimler Trials New Truck Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrains

Daimler has begun trials of new hydrogen fuel cell powertrains aimed at accelerating adoption of the technology for heavy duty trucks in the US. Its US subsidiary, Daimler Truck...


21st January 2022

Cummins to Power Isuzu BEV Delivery Truck

Isuzu’s partnership with powertrain giant Cummins has created a new urban BEV delivery truck for the US market. This is the first product to come out of the pair’s...


22nd December 2021

Cummins’ Chinese JV to Boost Automotive Green Hydrogen Production

Powertrain specialist Cummins has entered a joint venture in China not boost global production of green hydrogen for automotive applications. The US company has used its Chinese subsidiary Cummins...


2nd December 2019

EV Eco-System Not Ready for Mass Adoption

Mass market take-up of EVs is being stymied by a lack of a cohesive ecosystem, according to a major powertrain manufacturer. Julie Furber, vice–president of electrified power at Cummins, said: “The...


30th October 2019

Hydrogen-Powered Trucks Talk of the Town in Atlanta

Hydrogen fuel cell is the order of the day at the North American Commercial Vehicles Show in Atlanta, Georgia, as two manufacturers show off their technology. American powertrain company...


15th October 2019

Cummins Unveils Low Profile Bus Battery Pack

Automotive supply giant Cummins will debut its low-profile battery pack to boost the production of BEV buses. It will unveil the battery as part of its ‘Next Generation Battery...


3rd November 2017

Driverless trucks drift away from the ICE age

Numerous companies have been hard at work for years developing and testing autonomous trucks using powertrains other than internal combustion engine (ICE) technology. These efforts got a sudden burst...