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8th May 2023

Can V2G Connectivity Boost BEV Uptake?

The V2G business model appears to be something of a chicken-or-egg proposition for providers of the technology. On the one hand, it can defray some of the costs of...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


23rd September 2019

Weekly Brief: Amazon Takes 100,000 EV Punt on Start-Up With No Sales

Delivery vehicles are a fixture of the US landscape. From brown UPS trucks to boxy white US Postal Service vans, from the glaring yellow of DHL to the purple...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


Continental: Germans Increasingly Skeptical of AV Tech
12th November 2018

Continental: Germans Increasingly Skeptical of AV Tech

A Continental study shows German people are growing increasingly wary of autonomous vehicle technology. The component maker has carried out a survey in the country which has found 57%...


26th October 2018

US Consumers Think Driverless Tech Widespread in 50 Years

Although use of autonomous vehicles is expected to be widespread 50 years from now, US consumers are still highly wary of the technology. While current acceptance rates of autonomous...


17th August 2018

Falling Consumer Support for Driverless Cars, Says Survey

Consumers’ enthusiasm for autonomous vehicles has declined in the past two years, even though they want semi-autonomous safety features, according to a new US survey. Most consumers think roads...


20th January 2017

Gazing at the crystal balls of connected cars – Part II

Continued from Part I 3. Legislation and regulation Industry players have got their regulation story straight: guidance, not rules. As was seen in the kerfuffle about the California Department...


19th September 2016

Weekly Brief: Autopilot ‘cover-up’ death casts pall over Tesla

In January, a 23-year-old man driving his dad's Tesla down a highway in the Hebei province of China slammed into a stationary street sweeper and died. The car's Autopilot...