21st February 2019

Continental, Vodafone Claim C-V2X ‘Digital Safety Shield’

Continental and Vodafone are claiming 5G and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technologies can prevent car accidents. At Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, the companies will demonstrate the ‘digital safety shield’, tech...

28th January 2019

Continental’s Hohm: AV Market to ‘Dual-Stream’

Continental’s autonomous vehicle director says he expects the autonomous vehicle market to develop in a ‘two-streamed’ way. In an exclusive interview with TU-Automotive, Andree Hohm, the component maker’s director of...


17th January 2019

Continental CEO Says Consumer Losing Confidence in Driverless Tech

Auto supply giant Continental believes the auto industry has an uphill struggle to offset a slump in consumer confidence over autonomous technology. One of the findings of its 2018...

8th January 2019

‘Walking Cars’ for Last-Step Delivery, Claims Hyundai

Surely one of the more outlandish flights of fancy in a conference full of dreamers, must be Hyundai’s “walking car” concept. Naturally in a bid to give the concept...


20th December 2018

ADAS Building Favor Among Carbuyers, Says Continental

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are proving popular despite warnings from auto safety organizations concerning consumer confusion over the limitations of the technology. A study, commission by component maker...

Report by Nathan Eddy and Greg Hyde


16th November 2018

ADAS Titles Confusing US Drivers, AAA Study Claims

American motorists are unaware that ADAS technology with names like Autopilot won’t, in reality, drive their car for them. These are the worrying findings of an AAA survey suggesting...


12th November 2018

Continental: Germans Increasingly Skeptical of AV Tech

A Continental study shows German people are growing increasingly wary of autonomous vehicle technology. The component maker has carried out a survey in the country which has found 57%...


24th October 2018

Continental, TU Darmstadt Partner on ADAS City Assistant Platform

Continental and TU Darmstat are using machine learning, combined with cameras and GPS, to help drivers make better driving decisions in urban traffic environments.


19th September 2018

Mapping to Remain Vital Part of Auto Tech Industry

Where are you right now? Whatever the answer, your location is nearly 100% certain to be available on a digital map. Our increasingly data-heavy world, matched with real-time applications...

By Eric Volkman


18th September 2018

Nvidia Partnering to Bring Driverless Virtual Testing into Real World

Gaming giant Nvidia has announced a partnership it hopes will resolve discrepancies that arise between real-world and virtual driverless vehicle testing. It has signed an agreement with British drive...


4th September 2018

VW Acquires Stake in Autonomous Driving Specialist FDTech

Germany’s FDTech specializes in developing the algorithms that help keep autonomous vehicles on the road. Auto giant Volkswagen has announced it has bought a minority stake in FDTech, a...


27th August 2018

Toyota Forms Self-Driving Venture Planning Automated Lexus by 2020

Four Toyota Group companies reportedly have formed a joint venture to develop self-driving technology with an eye toward introducing autonomous features in 2020 Lexus models. Component-supplier Denso will own...