Consumer Electronics Show

15th December 2022

Polestar to Showcase AI Driver Monitoring at CES

Polestar will showcase its advanced AI powered driver monitoring system now standard in its Polestar 3 model, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas. The automaker is...


15th December 2022

Peugeot’s CES Concept Launch Heralds Return to US Market?

Peugeot has published the first official detail images of its Inception Concept BEV ahead of its global debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas. The automaker...


16th January 2018

Weekly Brief: Self-driving cars run amok over CES 2018

Remember the halcyon days when consumer electronics were the stars of the Consumer Electronics Show? Andrew Tolve reports on how self-driving cars put an end to that. Last week...


19th May 2017

No odds offered on choosing best mobility solution

These are exciting times for ADAS and autonomous driving solutions but they are by no means easy ones for the manufacturers involved. That’s because the assisted/automated driving categories, even...


13th February 2017

Weekly Brief: Ford to invest $1Bn in self-driving start-up

Ford is pumping a billion bucks into an ARGO AI which doesn’t even have a website yet. What’s its thinking? Andrew Tolve reports. Last month Peter Rander, the former...


16th January 2017

Weekly Brief: connected car snubs Detroit in favour of Vegas

There were a few notable debuts last week at NAIAS but by and large the connected car left its secrets in Las Vegas. Andrew Tolve reports. The spotlight shifted...


9th January 2017

Weekly Brief: Connected cars dominate mobile tech at CES 2017

Carmakers used the Consumer Electronics Show to highlight the impending era of personalised technology in automobiles. Andrew Tolve reports. Hordes of tech enthusiasts descended on the Consumer Electronics Show...


6th January 2017

Levels of autonomy less important to Nissan’s experts

Imagining the road to driverless vehicles is a simple series of steps up the Level’s ladder is a misconception of the challenges ahead. That’s the view of Dr. Maarten...


5th January 2017

TU-Automotive’s Consumer Telematics Show: innovation on all fronts

Innovation was the major theme of the Consumer Telematics Conference 2017, held this week in Las Vegas. Autonomous driving itself was positioned as a given: automakers will continue on...


24th October 2016

Weekly Brief: Tesla cars will boast ‘illegal’ driverless capability

Call him brazen, call him bold, call him dangerous or downright irresponsible, there's one thing Elon Musk, the outspoken founder and CEO of Tesla Motor Company, is not and...


29th August 2016

Weekly Brief: World’s first self-driving taxis hit the streets of Singapore

In a quiet district of Singapore, a little-known start-up just laid claim to one of the transportation industry's biggest prizes – the first fully operational, street-legal self-driving taxis. The...


18th January 2016

Weekly Brief: Obama pledges $4Bn to self-driving cars at Detroit Auto Show

President Obama means business with self-driving cars — to the tune of four billion dollars. Amid all the shiny concept cars at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, despite new flagship...