1st September 2016

Carmakers need mandates to help accelerate telematics in Brazil

Brazilians are addicted to smartphones and social media. People from all social backgrounds have access to the latest mobile technology, which creates a challenge to the automotive industry: phones...


4th July 2016

Weekly Brief: Tesla’s ‘killer robot’ raises fears for driverless tech

He was watching Harry Potter. That’s the eerie, almost cartoonish detail that automakers now must answer to in the wake of the first deadly accident involving a robot driven...


18th January 2016

Weekly Brief: Obama pledges $4Bn to self-driving cars at Detroit Auto Show

President Obama means business with self-driving cars — to the tune of four billion dollars. Amid all the shiny concept cars at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, despite new flagship...


29th September 2015

Connectivity, the key to restoring consumer trust

Volkswagen Group has been caught cheating emissions testing and has recalled nearly 500,000 vehicles in the US while also admitting there are 11M worldwide that carry the ‘defeat device’...


6th August 2015

More than 1Bn customer interactions recorded by OnStar

Launched 19 years ago to automatically place a call from the vehicle when an air bag deployed, OnStar today remotely unlocks doors, loads driving directions directly to the vehicle,...


28th July 2015

Chevy invests $5Bn in connected vehicles tailored for emerging markets

Its Chevrolet brand has announced the huge investment to strengthen its business in what it sees as global growth markets. An all-new vehicle family is planned in a bid...


14th July 2014

Weekly Brief: Let the 4G LTE ad wars begin

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has chosen StrongMail to provide the company with the platform through which its marketing and transactional email streams can be delivered.