2nd April 2018

California’s Driverless Car Program Gets Its First Application

As the home of Silicon Valley, California is likely to set national standards as the DMV starts handing out applications for driverless vehicles. However, it comes at a time...


19th March 2018

Uber Suspends All Self-Driving Tests Following Fatal Crash

Following a fatal crash involving a pedestrian in Arizona, Uber has suspended all its self-driving testing until further notice.


12th March 2018

Self-Driving Lyfts Hit the Track at a California Test Site

Lyft is the latest company to test its self-driving vehicle technology at GoMentum Station in California.


8th March 2018

Phantom Auto Connects Spooked Cars to Remote Drivers

In a world of obstacles, sometimes even the best self-driving need a little help. Startup Phantom Auto offers remote driving help.


5th March 2018

5 Things Waymo’s 360 Video Doesn’t Say About Driverless Cars

Waymo 360-degree driverless car video is a good public relations production, but it leaves out a lot about what driverless cars mean for the future. Here are five points...


1st March 2018

Ford’s Autonomous Vehicles Hitting Miami Beach Streets

The partnership with Miami is part of Ford's long-term plan to introduce its self-driving vehicles to the wider public by 2021.


28th February 2018

California Okays Driverless Cars but Demands Cybersecurity

The Golden State is looking to pave the way for driverless cars and other autonomous vehicles, but California lawmakers also want a degree of cybersecurity baked in.


16th February 2018

Massachusetts, Indiana Ramp Up Self-Driving Vehicle Debates

The Bay State and the Hoosier State are looking closely at regulations and legislation that could lead to self-driving vehicles, with an emphasis on safely.


14th February 2018

Consumer Group Slams US Senate’s Autonomous Vehicle Bill

This week, Consumer Watchdog sent a letter to the US Senate arguing that self-driving and autonomous vehicles still lack significant safety features. The group noted the number of times...


13th February 2018

Washington DC Mayor Paves Way for Autonomous Vehicles

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has created a new agency called the Interagency AV Working Group, which will help prepare the capital's streets for autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars.


12th February 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Technology to Be Focus of March DOT Summit

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) is holding a summit on March 1 to gather feedback and outline its plans for an automated vehicle guidance paper.


1st February 2018

Waymo, GM Lead Autonomous Car Testing in California

In California, General Motors and Waymo vehicles continue to hold the lead in the increasingly competitive self-driving car market, according to the state's DMV.