GM Baits Trump With ZEV Program Calls
26th October 2018

GM Baits Trump With ZEV Program Calls

GM has thrown down the gauntlet to US President Donald Trump by calling for a nationwide zero-emissions vehicle program to be established. Trump has made no secret of his...


4th October 2018

Consumer Reports: Cadillac Tops Tesla in ADAS Safety & Performance

A Consumer Reports ranking of semi-autonomous vehicle technology from major automakers puts Cadillac on top, beating out Tesla, while Volvo brings up the rear.


7th September 2018

BMW’s Voice System Will Let You Give Your Car a Nickname

If you picture a car with a pet name, you’re likely to think of a hand-me-down Volvo or a faithful old Subaru but starting next year, owners of sleek,...


20th August 2018

GM and Shell Partner on Instant Fuel Payments

The auto giant and the oil giant partner to make fuel payments easier using General Motor’s Marketplace app, accessed through the vehicle’s touchscreen. Dutch oil giant Shell and American...


25th July 2018

GM’s Maven Tries Letting Owners Share Their Cars

Trying to cash in on the car-sharing and ride-sharing trend, GM's Maven program will now allow car owners to rent out their vehicles in select cities.


17th July 2018

Minnows making waves in auto tech

Small players sounding off among the emerging technology assessed by Eric Volkman. As far as automakers are concerned, it’s the ‘Big Guys’ that dominate the conversation when the topic...


8th June 2018

Cadillac Will Offer Super Cruise ADAS on All Models

Cadillac is expanding the reach of its Super Cruise ADAS platform at a time when the semi-autonomous vehicle technology is viewed with renewed skepticism.


6th June 2018

Having two ‘drivers’ in a car may never work

Technology to monitor driver awareness on way to autonomy, explored by Eric Volkman. A classic problem in auto safety is drowsy driving. Nodding off is all well and good...


21st May 2018

Weekly Brief: Audi shy of risking Level 3 autonomy in US

The 2019 Audi A8 with Traffic Jam Pilot will debut in Europe as promised but Americans have to wait for now. Andrew Tolve reports. The world’s first mass-market car...


30th April 2018

Weekly Brief: Ford shifts focus to trucks, SUVs and mobility

Declining consumer demand for sedans and a growing mobile sector have pushed Ford in a bold new direction. Andrew Tolve reports. Ford, the pioneer of automotive manufacturing in America,...


29th March 2018

Levelling the driverless playground dream

No technological path is straight and smooth and this is especially applicable to assisted and autonomous driving. Recent examples of missteps abound – the Uber death crash in Arizona,...


23rd March 2018

Cadillac CT6 V-Sport Boasts ADAS, Connectivity Features

This ain't your daddy's Caddy – the luxury sedan boasts night vision, wireless charging and a 10-inch touchscreen display.