12th December 2018

US Will Lead in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications – Study

The Juniper report projects the US will become the leading market for V2V deployments as the rollout of enabling 5G networks grows.


19th November 2018

BMW, Ericsson & Vodafone Pushing C-V2X Adoption in EU

A group of tech, telecom and auto heavyweights are lobbying the European Union to adopt C-V2X technology in the coming years.


8th November 2018

FCC Tests Suggest WiFi Can Coexist With DSRC Car Networks

The debate over the future of vehicle-to-everything communications got a little more interesting this week when the FCC showed the DRSC can coexist with WiFi on the same spectrum...


7th November 2018

C-V2X’s Momentum in China May Drive Connected-Car Development

Demonstrations happening in China may point the way toward how cars will communicate with each other starting as soon as next year. Qualcomm Technologies announced November 5 that it...


18th October 2018

Connected-Car System Should Give Way to WiFi, Cable Lobbying Group Argues

The NCTA has sent a letter to the FCC, arguing that commission should free up spectrum that auto industry isn't using to increased WiFi capacity. The Auto Alliance disagrees.


11th September 2018

Autotalks’ Dual-Mode Chipset Could Give Car-to-Car Wireless a Boost

With a new dual-mode chipset, Autotalk is looking to bridge the gap between DSRC and C-V2X technologies within connected cars.


6th August 2018

5G Backers Take Aim at Road Safety, Autonomous Cars

As the world gears up for mobile 5G deployments later this year, automakers, mobile operators and equipment manufacturers are creating new partnerships designed to bring autonomous technologies to life....


18th July 2018

Carmakers Link Models Over C-V2X in Europe

A group of car makers demonstrated the viability of C-V2X technology in Europe last week to show how connected and autonomous cars can take advantage of the advent of...


5th June 2018

Ford, Qualcomm, Panasonic Partner on C-V2X Launch

The backers of the C-V2X vehicle communications platform, which include Qualcomm, Ford and Panasonic, are preparing to roll out testing on Colorado roads this summer.


14th May 2018

5G Roars Ahead Thanks to NTT DoCoMo Race-Car Trials

In Japan, NTT DoCoMo is pushing the boundaries of car connectivity with 5G field trials that include vehicle's traveling over 100mph.


27th April 2018

Qualcomm Tests C-V2X Platform With Ford & Audi

Qualcomm's C-V2X platform is designed to improve road safety, with anticipated deployment in production vehicles and road infrastructure as soon as 2020.


17th April 2018

Toyota Pledges DSRC Connected-Car System for US Vehicles in 2021

Within three years, some US Toyota drivers will be protected by DSRC radios that alert them to worrisome, real-time traffic issues such as congestion and dangerous intersections. Signals...