30th August 2023

The Real Prospects of L4 Driverless Tech

The news about Level 4 autonomy has been mixed. In May, Waymo announced that it was doubling its robo-taxi service area in Phoenix to 180 square miles, with the...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


9th May 2023

Ford Hedges Bets in Europe with LCV Hydrogen Pilot

While Ford of Europe continues its marketing push of commercial BEVs, it is also keeping other options open with its participation in a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV)...


17th January 2022

Weekly Brief: EVs Start Walking-the-Walk Towards Mass Adoption

The electric vehicle revolution won’t be a revolution until the business fundamentals support it. Consumer curiosity, federal tax breaks, automaker incentives and environmental angst only go so far. If...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


15th November 2019

India Predicted as BEV Growth Hub Threatens Global Warming

BEV lobbyists singing the praises of India as the next big growth in electric transportation could be ignoring the bigger risk to climate change. Analysts from IDTechX predict the...


16th August 2019

UK EV Public Charging Locations Outnumber Fuel Stations

The public locations for EV vehicle charging in the UK now outnumbers traditional fuel stations for ICE vehicles, Nissan says. Nissan’s research shows that there are 9,300 EV charging...


20th June 2019

BP Plays EV Catch-Up With AI For Accurate Range

Global oil producer BP is trying to muscle into EV transportation with plans to use AI to overcome wildly fluctuating range estimates currently being calculated by vehicles. It has...


22nd May 2019

BP Company Unveils Emissions Cutting ICE Oil System

Removable oil cells could reduce ICE vehicle tailpipe emissions and cut plastic waste from the auto industry’s use of disposable oil cans, according to a BP company. Nexcel made...


1st May 2019

BEVs Remain Worst For Global Warming

A group of German scientists have stoutly defended their claims that like-for-like comparisons prove BEVs promote global warming more than diesel powered vehicles. The ifo Institute for Economic Research...

23rd July 2018

UK EV Law Paves Way for Rapid Rollout of Charging Stations

The AEV Act is part of the UK's big push towards a future with autonomous, electrically powered vehicles.


2nd May 2017

Weekly Brief: Waymo starts offering free autonomous trips in Arizona

Google self-driving taxis just came one step closer to fruition. Andrew Tolve reports. Phoenix, Arizona, doesn’t feel like the face of the future. Plopped down in the north eastern...


23rd August 2016

Weekly Brief: Ford vows to produce mainstream robot car by 2021

A century ago Ford revolutionised the automotive industry with the advent of the assembly line and its first mainstream product, the Model T. Fast forward a hundred years and...