Boston Consulting Group

8th May 2020

The Current and Future State of Electric Vehicles Globally

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview,, features Aakash Arora.  Mr Arora is managing director and partner of Boston Consulting Group’s Boston office and is a core member of...


Report: AVs, EVs to Create 100,000+ Jobs
14th January 2019

Report: AVs, EVs to Create 100,000+ Jobs

Increased adoption of autonomous and electric vehicles will help create over 100,000 jobs within the US mobility sector over the next decade, a report has claimed. Detroit Mobility Lab,...


5th October 2018

Motorists Could Soon Need to Fuel-up With Data

Data volumes are ever increasing and at an unprecedented rate. Connected and autonomous vehicles will further add to the amount of data that’s currently out there. It’s hard to...

By Graham Jarvis


13th January 2017

Gazing at the crystal ball of connected cars – Part I

2016 was a vibrant, productive and profitable year for companies having anything to do with autonomy and connected vehicles. This report examines the current state of the industry and...


4th November 2016

Explosion of car sharing in Asia on the way

The latest report, What’s Ahead for Car Sharing from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released in February 2016 reads: ‘By 2021, 35M users will sign-up for 1.5Bn minutes of driving...


5th October 2015

Weekly Brief: Toyota brings first V2I and V2V tech to mass market

In this week’s Brief: Toyota, GM, Tesla, Audi, Ford, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Lexus, INRIX, PSA Peugeot Citroën, ITS World Congress and Boston Consulting Group.   It’s about...