28th February 2023

Editor Blog: Reasons to Put ICE Ban on Ice!

Perhaps the biggest surprise about Germany’s call for the European Union to rethink its planned ICE ban for new vehicles is that it has taken so long for the...


24th January 2023

Bosch Plans Global Automated Valet Parking Expansion

Bosch is expanding the access to automated valet parking now that its systems have been approved for commercial use at Stuttgart airport. The automotive supplier giant with connected parking...


3rd January 2023

Developing Business Strategies for Vehicle Data

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will create and use ever increasing volumes of data. There will need to be close consideration of the development of strategies around the data...

By Graham Jarvis


1st December 2022

Mercedes-Benz/Bosch Automated Parking Gains Commercial Approval

An automated valet parking system developed jointly by Mercedes-Benz and Bosch has been approved for deployment in a major European airport. Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has approved...


5th September 2022

Weekly Brief: Hydrogen Blows Back onto the Zero Emission Agenda

BMW is doubling down on the hydrogen car revolution. The carmaker sent its hydrogen-powered iX5 sport utility crossover into limited production last week. It plans to produce about 100...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th February 2022

Killing Off ICE Slams Brakes on Eco Technology

With pressure growing on automakers to accelerate their evolution to EVs, plans for ICE development will certainly come to a close at some point but not quite yet. For...

29th October 2021

Facing Urgent Demands, Bosch Adds Capacity for Chips

Bosch is ramping up its semiconductor production capacity with a huge additional investment in response to the continuing global chip shortage. While the Tier 1 supplier had previously avoided...


12th March 2021

Smart Parking Leads the way in Infrastructure Management

Smart traffic management solutions powered by V2X communications and artificial intelligence have the potential to significantly reduce congestion and emissions. However, successful implementation will require coordination between cities, automakers...


5th February 2021

Mazda Joins Battle to Save Clean ICE Technology

Mazda has become the first automaker to join a lobby group promoting CO2-neutral fuels that could see ICE being allowed to contribute in slowing global warning. That’s because Europe’s...


28th January 2021

Nissan’s Longterm CO2 Strategy to Include ICE

Nissan has set a target for electrification of all powertrains sold in key markets by 2030 meaning those other than pure electric will cannot be sold in the UK....


20th January 2021

Automaker Blockchain Bid to end Used Car ‘Clocking’

Blockchain security technology is being used to prevent pre-owned vehicles having their digitally recorded mileage altered, or ‘clocked’, by unscrupulous sellers. The process of ‘correcting’ a vehicle’s recorded mileage...


11th December 2020

Governments Must Help Consortia Drive Autonomous Progress

There are a number of consortia being created to push the way for us all to see connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) on our roads. Nissan, for example, has...

By Graham Jarvis