13th December 2018

Bosch Self-Driving Shuttle Tech Aimed at Urban Environments

Bosch is developing systems and components for automating, connecting, and electrifying shuttles for moving passengers through cities.


6th December 2018

Bosch, Start-Up Push “Multi-Standard” V2X, Snubbing Telcos

Bosch is partnering with a connected vehicle start-up to launch “a multi-standard approach” to vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X). The move runs counter to telcos’ promotion of their own networks, particularly...


30th November 2018

Bosch Unveils EV Charge Point Locator

Bosch is launching a new service which it claims can help electric vehicle drivers locate their nearest public charging points. It is collaborating with fuel price comparison website


9th November 2018

EC Approves Daimler-BMW Mobility JVs

The European Commission has approved six joint mobility ventures from Daimler and BMW, subject to conditions. The JVs will entail the automakers pooling their resources in the parking, charging,...


5th November 2018

Ups and Downs of Gamers in Driverless Tech

Not long ago, some assumed graphics card maker Nvidia was set to be the dominant provider of autonomous vehicle platforms. Recent developments have thrown shade on that optimism, although...

By Eric Volkman


9th October 2018

Bosch Launches EV Mobility Service

Bosch is partnering with a German retail heavy hitter to enter the electric van and MaaS sectors. The automotive tech giant is launching an EV hire service at branches...


27th September 2018

Bosch Joins Byton in EV Hardware Development

The Chinese owned Byton electric vehicle manufacturer has signed a powertrain, braking and ADAS development agreement with German engineering giant Bosch. In the agreement, both companies will carry out...

Paul Myles


20th September 2018

Alibaba Getting Serious with AV and Connect Car

Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba has announced two new automotive initiatives bringing AV and extra connectivity to its home consumers It is working with German electronics company Bosch on...


19th September 2018

Mapping to Remain Vital Part of Auto Tech Industry

Where are you right now? Whatever the answer, your location is nearly 100% certain to be available on a digital map. Our increasingly data-heavy world, matched with real-time applications...

By Eric Volkman


18th September 2018

Nvidia Partnering to Bring Driverless Virtual Testing into Real World

Gaming giant Nvidia has announced a partnership it hopes will resolve discrepancies that arise between real-world and virtual driverless vehicle testing. It has signed an agreement with British drive...


13th September 2018

German Public Warming to Driverless Trucks, Bosch Says

Automotive tech giant Bosch has conducted a survey suggesting increasing numbers of Germans are comfortable with sharing major roads with fleets of autonomous trucks. The survey revealed 37% of...


4th September 2018

VW Acquires Stake in Autonomous Driving Specialist FDTech

Germany’s FDTech specializes in developing the algorithms that help keep autonomous vehicles on the road. Auto giant Volkswagen has announced it has bought a minority stake in FDTech, a...