12th March 2021

Smart Parking Leads the way in Infrastructure Management

Smart traffic management solutions powered by V2X communications and artificial intelligence have the potential to significantly reduce congestion and emissions. However, successful implementation will require coordination between cities, automakers...


5th February 2021

Mazda Joins Battle to Save Clean ICE Technology

Mazda has become the first automaker to join a lobby group promoting CO2-neutral fuels that could see ICE being allowed to contribute in slowing global warning. That’s because Europe’s...


28th January 2021

Nissan’s Longterm CO2 Strategy to Include ICE

Nissan has set a target for electrification of all powertrains sold in key markets by 2030 meaning those other than pure electric will cannot be sold in the UK....


20th January 2021

Automaker Blockchain Bid to end Used Car ‘Clocking’

Blockchain security technology is being used to prevent pre-owned vehicles having their digitally recorded mileage altered, or ‘clocked’, by unscrupulous sellers. The process of ‘correcting’ a vehicle’s recorded mileage...


11th December 2020

Governments Must Help Consortia Drive Autonomous Progress

There are a number of consortia being created to push the way for us all to see connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) on our roads. Nissan, for example, has...

By Graham Jarvis


7th December 2020

Bosch to Start Stationary Fuel Cell Production by 2024

Auto supply giant Bosch has pledged to begin commercial scale sales of its stationary fuel cell systems within the next three years. The promise to produce distributed power stations...


27th November 2020

Automakers Gang Up Against ICE Bans

An automaker-backed report has attacked the UK government’s bringing forward of a ban on new internal combustion engined cars. The report into the future of the nation’s automotive industry...


20th November 2020

UK ICE Ban is Ill-Conceived

While UK headlines are full with green-movement organizations praising the nation’s government bringing forward an ICE ban, not everything has been thought through. This week the government confirmed that...

29th September 2020

More Auto Heavyweights Join Trucking Fuel Cell Race

Mahle has teamed up with Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems in a bid to accelerate hydrogen’s adoption in heavy duty truck fleets. The move follows Bosch’s commitment...


3rd September 2020

Bosch Outlines Fuel Cell’s Vital Powertrain Role

Bosch has nailed its colors to the hydrogen fuel cell mast at least in terms of powertrains for heavy-duty vehicles. The German automotive supply giant in a statement asks:...


28th August 2020

Ford Tests Bosch’s Automated Parking Technology

Ford is to start testing automated car parking technology that turns the vehicle into its own valet parker. The pilot is a joint experiment by the automaker, Bosch and...


3rd June 2020

Bosch Launches eCall for Bikers

Bosch claims to have developed a emergency alert system for motorcyclists that mimics the eCall service installed in all new European cars. The automotive supplies giant points out that...