29th September 2020

More Auto Heavyweights Join Trucking Fuel Cell Race

Mahle has teamed up with Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems in a bid to accelerate hydrogen’s adoption in heavy duty truck fleets. The move follows Bosch’s commitment...


3rd September 2020

Bosch Outlines Fuel Cell’s Vital Powertrain Role

Bosch has nailed its colors to the hydrogen fuel cell mast at least in terms of powertrains for heavy-duty vehicles. The German automotive supply giant in a statement asks:...


28th August 2020

Ford Tests Bosch’s Automated Parking Technology

Ford is to start testing automated car parking technology that turns the vehicle into its own valet parker. The pilot is a joint experiment by the automaker, Bosch and...


3rd June 2020

Bosch Launches eCall for Bikers

Bosch claims to have developed a emergency alert system for motorcyclists that mimics the eCall service installed in all new European cars. The automotive supplies giant points out that...


26th May 2020

Could Microplastic Emissions take Heat off ICE?

Studies have already claimed that internal combustion engine is the minority polluter in the average vehicle with up to 60% emissions blamed on tires and brakes. Now the rhetoric...


12th May 2020

Bosch: CO2 Targets Need Carbon-Neutral Liquid Fuels

Carbon-neutral liquid fuels for internal combustion engines should feature in carmakers’ future plans if European carbon emissions targets are to be met. That’s the opinion of Bosch chairman Dr...


6th May 2020

Cost and Covid-19 Hit Driverless Investment, Says Bosch

Automakers had already been backing away from investing in higher levels of autonomous technology citing costs as the main barrier to market adoption. According to automotive supplier giant Bosch,...


29th April 2020

ICE Can Survive in a Carbon-Neutral World, Says Bosch

Bosch envisages a time when ICE vehicle emissions can be lowered to levels that clean air monitoring equipment will not be able to register. While the automotive supplier giant...


2nd April 2020

Bosch Claims AV Shuttles That Solve Problems

Bosch claims it has developed an autonomous shuttle that can fault check itself when on-board systems fail. The automotive supply giant says its Project 3F delivers “driverless and fault-tolerant...


2nd January 2020

Bosch Pours Scorn on LiDAR-Less Driverless Tech

Bosch has poured scorn on autonomous driving systems that do not feature what it sees as essential LiDAR senors. Its stance flies in the face of carmakers such as...


30th December 2019

Bosch Infotainment Adopts Stripped-Down Address Tech

The stripped-down global address system, what3words, is hoping to make the break into automotive infotainment by teaming up with Bosch. Its in-car navigation is scheduled for introduction into Bosch’s...


16th December 2019

Bosch Claims Driver Monitoring to Aid AV Handover

Bosch says it has developed an in-cab driver monitoring system featuring cameras and artificial intelligence (AI). It uses a camera mounted in the steering wheel to detect driver behavior...