2nd January 2020

Bosch Pours Scorn on LiDAR-Less Driverless Tech

Bosch has poured scorn on autonomous driving systems that do not feature what it sees as essential LiDAR senors. Its stance flies in the face of carmakers such as...


30th December 2019

Bosch Infotainment Adopts Stripped-Down Address Tech

The stripped-down global address system, what3words, is hoping to make the break into automotive infotainment by teaming up with Bosch. Its in-car navigation is scheduled for introduction into Bosch’s...


16th December 2019

Bosch Claims Driver Monitoring to Aid AV Handover

Bosch says it has developed an in-cab driver monitoring system featuring cameras and artificial intelligence (AI). It uses a camera mounted in the steering wheel to detect driver behavior...


9th December 2019

Mercedes-Benz Trials Luxury US Driverless Airport Shuttles

Mercedes-Benz will use autonomously converted versions of its flagship S-Class to trial an airport shuttle service in the US. The pilot program, run with technology supplied by Bosch, will...


9th October 2019

Bosch’s Mini-Explosions to Make Crashed BEVs Safer

A system that sets off a series of explosions in a BEV is claiming to reduce the risk of a devastating fire or electrocution in the event of a...


8th October 2019

Bosch Views ‘Leap’ in BEV Technology

Bosch is claiming semiconductors made from silicon carbide could be the breakthrough in BEV performance the industry is waiting for. The German automotive supply giant says the semiconductors it...


8th October 2019

Automakers Seek Control in Connected Car Software

Automotive software is now seen as a primary differentiator for vehicles. Some experts think it will become even more important if autonomous vehicles become available for ride hailing. Marques...

By Susan Kuchinskas


20th September 2019

Bosch Promotes Synthetic ICE Fuel as EV Alternative

Bosch is lauding the benefits of renewable synthetic fuels against the dubious climate credentials of current EV technology. In news that will gladden the hearts of ICE powertrain fans,...


30th August 2019

Bosch Claims Breakthrough in AV Cameras

Automotive supply giant Bosch is claiming a breakthrough in camera technology promising to make cars “better drivers than humans”. Its AI enhanced camera arrays are set to make their...


12th August 2019

Bosch Pioneers In-Car 3D Display

Bosch has designed an in-car 3D display system, saying it can deliver important information to the driver more efficiently than a conventional screen. The system uses a passive 3D...


4th June 2019

Driverless Needs Pan Auto Industry Agreement, Says German Project

A German project to standardize autonomous vehicle testing is claiming the technology can never be widely adopted without agreement between the whole automotive industry and regulators. The Pegasus project...


29th April 2019

Bosch Joins Race Towards Hydrogen Powertrains

Bosch has joined the rush to get ahead in hydrogen automotive powertrains with the signing of a partnership to develop fuel cell stacks. Following on from several other hydrogen...