26th August 2019

Weekly Brief: US-China Trade War Means Expensive American Cars

The escalating trade war between the United States and China put automakers on edge last week and posed a threat to some key technologies that are fueling the connected...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


23rd July 2019

Reasons Behind Israel’s Rise in Auto Tech

Israel is a small country, its few attempts at car manufacturing ended badly and much of its real estate is desert. It’s really the last place where a thriving...

By Eric Volkman


8th July 2019

Weekly Brief: More Mega Partnerships Pump Up Auto Tech

The longer the road one has to travel, the nicer it is to have some company. This is true for human beings and for businesses as well, especially those...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th June 2019

BMW’s Sneak Peek at Driverless Strategy

BMW has proffered its own vision of a driverless future albeit one that envisages its customers will, at times, always want to take the controls. Its BMW Vision M...


20th June 2019

More Power, Better Efficiency From BMW’s V8

Enhanced V8 power will blast the range-topping new giant BMW M850i xDrive Gran Coupé to 62mph from standstill in under 4 seconds. Engine updates claim improved power delivery and...


18th June 2019

Car-Share’s Role in Promoting e-Mobility

Electric car sharing will be a testing ground for mobility solutions of the future but the nature of sharing programs raises numerous challenges including vehicle availability and rapid recharging....


17th June 2019

Supercomputer Claims Autonomous Leap

Gaming giant Nvidia has unveiled a supercomputer is claims will accelerate autonomous technology through its AI capabilities. It says the DGX SuperPOD, world’s 22nd fastest supercomputer, can ‘train’ AI...


5th June 2019

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover Unite to Develop EVs

BMW and Jaguar Land Rover are joining forces to develop electric and hybrid vehicles, the two automakers have announced. The aim of the collaboration is to ultimately reduce the...


5th June 2019

BMW Details V8 Engine in M8 Performance Models

BMW’s high performance, luxury sports cars, the M8 Competition Coupe and M8 Competition Convertible, will be powered by 4.4 liter V8, twin turbo engines. The engines will produce 620...


4th June 2019

Driverless Needs Pan Auto Industry Agreement, Says German Project

A German project to standardize autonomous vehicle testing is claiming the technology can never be widely adopted without agreement between the whole automotive industry and regulators. The Pegasus project...


29th May 2019

BMW Adds PHEV Option to X1 SUV

BMW has unveiled its new X1 compact SUV, which includes a plug-in hybrid option for the first time. The car will be powered by varying three and four-cylinder TwinPower...


22nd May 2019

5G Verses DSRC Bun Fight Has Long Way To Go

Earlier this month the European Parliament ratified draft rules by the bloc’s executive body, the European Commission to endorse WiFi-based communications standards between connected vehicles. While the technology is...