11th May 2018

Start-ups pose hacking threat to carmakers

Ransomware is high on the list of concerns for autonomous and connected vehicles but it’s not a problem manufacturers are dealing with presently. Some of them are, however, being...


29th January 2018

BlackBerry’s Jarvis Aims to Stop Driverless Car Hacking

BlackBerry's Jarvis software scans binary files in search of flawed coding.


22nd January 2018

Weekly Brief: In wake of CES, Detroit Auto Show gets back to basics

Connected tech was largely absent from the North American International Auto Show. Andrew Tolve reports. Tens of thousands of car fanatics descended on the 2018 Detroit Auto Show for...


12th January 2018

Baidu Teams Up With BlackBerry for Connected Car Tech

BlackBerry's newfound foothold in China, thanks to Baidu, sent its stock prices soaring.


8th January 2018

Weekly Brief: BlackBerry lands blockbuster deal for self-driving cars

BlackBerry thinks the connected car can help save it. Landing Baidu is a good start. Andrew Tolve reports. BlackBerry started 2018 off with a bang when it inked a deal...


18th December 2017

Weekly Brief: Volvo dumps mass trial of full driverless tech

Volvo becomes the first carmaker to blink in the face of escalating pressure to get self-driving cars on the road. Andrew Tolve reports. Volvo’s plans to populate the streets...


11th December 2017

Weekly Brief: GM launches in-car supermarket

General Motors wants to turn your dashboard into a hub for pre-orders and purchases. Andrew Tolve reports. Feeling in the mood for a dark mocha frappuccino? How about a...


30th October 2017

Weekly Brief: Delphi extends its autonomous reach

The leading supplier for automotive parts looks to become the top brand for autonomous software. Andrew Tolve reports. Another month, another multi-million dollar pay out for a self-driving car...


25th September 2017

Weekly Brief: London switches off hire lamp light on Uber

Uber could lose its toehold in one of the most important capital cities in the world. Andrew Tolve reports. London’s transport authority, Transport for London, dropped the axe on...


12th June 2017

Weekly Brief: Product and services news from TU-Automotive Detroit 2017

The annual connected car bonanza that is TU-Automotive Detroit is behind us. Andrew Tolve reports on the biggest product announcements from the show. More than 3,300 connected car experts...


3rd April 2017

Weekly Brief: Ford looks to Canada for connected car growth

Detroit car giant wants to turn Canada into its connected car wellspring. Andrew Tolve reports. Ford has talked a big game this year about transforming itself from a traditional automaker...


7th November 2016

Weekly Brief: Nationwide US EV charging corridors announced

For all their environmental benefits, electric vehicles (EVs) still have one major drawback – they can't go very far. Sure, the top models now can eek out a range...