27th January 2023

Cyber Attacks on Industry at One-a-Minute, BlackBerry

BlackBerry research suggests industry is being attacked by cyber criminals at a rate of one-a-minute revealing the real threat facing connected businesses. Its Global Threat Intelligence Report, highlights the...


26th August 2022

Is there Potential in Biometrics In-Car Health Monitoring?

In the future, will your car also be your doctor? That’s not as farfetched as it might sound. For example, in-car breathalyzers have been used for years to check...

By Eric Volkman


14th June 2022

BlackBerry and TTTech Join in Drive to Boost ADAS/Autonomous

Two digital automotive technology companies are joining forces in a bid to overcome the persistent challenges facing increasing automation in vehicles. BlackBerry and TTTech Auto have announced partnership to...


13th May 2022

BlackBerry Works out of the Limelight towards Better Business

The tech world is full of “pivots” in which a company mostly, or even entirely, changes its business focus. One of the more fascinating pivots in the connected car...

By Eric Volkman


14th October 2021

Blackberry Tech Collaboration Claims UX “Revolution”

Blackberry has announced a collaboration with technology giants Google and Qualcomm to “revolutionize” the in-cabin user experience. The company used its BlackBerry Security Summit 21 to launch a new...


12th August 2021

Blackberry Claims In-Car Payment Breakthrough

Blackberry is claiming a breakthrough in cyber-security that could allow simple and safe in-car payments for the connected car. It says its vehicle-based payment solution could create new opportunities...


16th February 2021

Consumer Trust Key to In-Car Payments

Consumer adoption of in-vehicle payments (IVP) is accelerating as vehicle owners grow comfortable with contactless payment systems and automakers develop “unlockable” digital upgrades to vehicle systems. Meanwhile, the ecosystem...


8th February 2021

Weekly Brief: Apple Eyes Up Era of the ‘iCar’

Only Apple could trump the Super Bowl. During a week when all eyes usually converge on America’s largest sporting event and the TV ads that make it famous, last...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


2nd December 2020

Amazon Dives into Vehicle Data with BlackBerry

Digital retail giant Amazon is eyeing up the automotive data market by teaming up with BlackBerry in a bid to develop an ‘intelligent’ vehicle data platform. The security software...


15th July 2020

Cyber-Security Must be Future Proof to Match Car Life

More connectivity means more attack-surfaces for cyber criminals. So, as vehicles continue their rapid evolution toward rolling, four-wheeled connected devices, there is a growing call for automakers, their Tier...


15th April 2020

BlackBerry Claims Secure Mission-Critical Software Breakthrough

BlackBerry claims it has developed a new software system to give automakers protection from hackers in their vehicles’ mission-critical functions. It has says QNX Black Channel Communications Technology is...

6th March 2020

BlackBerry’s Pitch for Driverless Dominance

The technological world is littered with companies that once sold ‘The Hot New Thing’. When technology and trends moved on, though, these businesses were left behind. One such company...

By Eric Volkman