Blackberry QNX

9th December 2022

BlackBerry QNX Chosen for Human Horizons’ BEV Flagship

BlackBerry’s QNX digital technology has been chosen by Chinese BEV manufacturer, Human Horizons, for its futuristic second flagship model the HiPhi Z. The QNX platform will power the car’s...


13th May 2022

BlackBerry Works out of the Limelight towards Better Business

The tech world is full of “pivots” in which a company mostly, or even entirely, changes its business focus. One of the more fascinating pivots in the connected car...

By Eric Volkman


5th October 2020

AVs’ Captive Audience Presents Infotainment Challenge

The future of automotive transportation will be defined by two domains: the driving function and the in-car user experience. As the driving function becomes more automated and autonomous, the...


17th August 2020

Carmaker Challenges with the Everything Connected Vehicle

The increasing breadth of connectivity in vehicles can bring valuable features to automakers and consumers alike. Chief among these are the enabling of proactive and predictive performance and maintenance...


22nd April 2020

Putting the Fun Factor into Connected Cars

The future of in-car infotainment faces a digital crossroads. Automakers, content providers, network operators and Tier One suppliers are all wrangling with the unique opportunities offered by touch and...


15th April 2020

BlackBerry Claims Secure Mission-Critical Software Breakthrough

BlackBerry claims it has developed a new software system to give automakers protection from hackers in their vehicles’ mission-critical functions. It has says QNX Black Channel Communications Technology is...

6th March 2020

BlackBerry’s Pitch for Driverless Dominance

The technological world is littered with companies that once sold ‘The Hot New Thing’. When technology and trends moved on, though, these businesses were left behind. One such company...

By Eric Volkman

8th November 2019

BlackBerry Extends ADAS and AV Reach with Hyundai

BlackBerry continues extending its reach into mass market automotive ADAS and autonomous system in its latest partnership with Hyundai. The company’s QNX OS software has been chosen by Hyundai...


11th September 2019

BlackBerry Claims Infotainment Acoustic Breakthrough

BlackBerry is claiming an infotainment acoustic package that could deliver better controlled in-car sound while saving automaker costs and reducing time-to-market. It’s QNX Amp 3.0 claims to bring together...


BlackBerry, Government Announce $350M for AV Development
18th February 2019

BlackBerry, Government Announce $350M for AV Development

BlackBerry and the Canadian government are to spend a combined $350M on autonomous vehicle development. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and John Chen, the smartphone maker’s CEO, announced the funding...


16th August 2018

Auto Software with ‘Birth Certificates’ Suggests BlackBerry QNX

Specialized in-car apps don’t have to pose a risk, BlackBerry QNX’s John Wall, tells Louis Bedigian. App stores have been essential to the success of smartphones, providing a multitude...


26th July 2018

Building automotive security from the inside out

The role of telematics in locking hackers out of vehicles explored by Graham Jarvis. Many cyber-security techniques focus on securing the perimeter of critical computer systems and on recovering...