6th August 2020

Bentley Starts Three-Year BEV Powertrain Study

Bentley is taking the first tentative steps towards a full BEV powertrain for its luxury cars by announcing a three-year research study into employing a new e-axle. The iconic...


11th March 2020

Czinger 21C’s Path a Return to Elite Ownership

Czinger’s latest hypercar, the 21C is a vision of how the clock could be turned back to when personal transport was a niche product for an exclusive set. For,...


26th February 2020

Bentley to Reveal Second Two-Seater in 90 Years

Bentley will unveil only its second two-seat sportscar since 1930 at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show having published a teasing picture of the car’s interior trim. The Bacalar is...


14th January 2020

Bentley’s Special Edition Celebrates 60 Years of 6¾-Liter Engine

Bentley’s final edition version of its flagship will be a homage to the world’s second longest-lived automotive engine – the 6¾-liter V8. The Mulsanne 6.75 Edition by Mulliner will...


6th September 2019

Bentley Offers V8 Roar to GT

Bentley is offering the evocative roar of a V8 as an option for customers of its Continental GT in both Coupé and Convertible models. The new engine will run...


29th July 2019

Vauxhall’s EV Future Outside UK Post Brexit

Vauxhall’s electrification strategy is hanging in the balance now that its parent company questions the viability of maintaining a UK production base in a hard Brexit. The Financial Times...


1st July 2019

Bentley To Unveil Zero Emission Vision

Bentley has chosen its centenary celebrations to unveil its vision of a zero-emission future for grand tourer vehicles. On 10 July, 2019, the company’s official 100th birthday, the automaker...


AV Cyber-Security Standards Announced in UK
24th December 2018

AV Cyber-Security Standards Announced in UK

The UK’s standards and compliance authority has published new standards for cyber-security in autonomous vehicles. The British Standards Institute (BSI) received funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) to...


13th March 2017

Weekly Brief: Hypercars upstaged by tech at the Geneva Motor Show

This year’s show featured 150 car debuts, from supercars to swanky all electric concepts. Andrew Tolve reports. Supercars hogged the headlines last week at the Geneva Motor Show, more...


10th October 2016

Weekly Brief: Volvo brings V2V technology to the tipping point

Imagine if every time you drove over a dangerous pothole, skidded on black ice or popped on your hazard warning lights owing to a sudden stop in traffic, your...


9th May 2016

Weekly Brief: Google partners with FCA to bring self-driving tech to minivans

Let’s be honest, it’s tough to make a minivan cool. Nothing better encapsulates the descent from the freedom of our youth into the practicality of parenthood than a pair...