22nd May 2023

BMW’s Answer to Economic Downturn, an ICE Shooting Brake

Launching an ultra-luxurious ‘Shooting Brake’ concept in the teeth of a cost-of-living crisis and on the cusp of economic slowdown might seem odd except BMW knows the wealthy will...


22nd February 2023

Bentley’s W12 ICE Swansong Most Powerful Ever

Bentley waves goodbye to its range-topping ICE W12 cylinder with the swansong release of the most powerful variant of the powerplant to date. Production of the gasoline engine will...


16th August 2022

Latest Coachbuilt Bentley to Showcase Future BEV Designs

Bentley is showing that there are still some legs left in extraordinary ICE powered vehicles with the release of the first sneak peek at the Bentley Mulliner Batur. Billed...


22nd April 2022

Bentley Claims ‘World’s Most Sustainable Luxury Auto Brand’

Bentley claims it is on track to become the world’s most sustainable luxury car brand. Its “Dream Factory” at its headquarters in Crewe, England, claims data recorded shows an...


26th January 2022

Bentley Commits to being Exclusively BEV Producer by 2030

Bentley has committed to making its first luxury BEV at its UK production center securing the future of its 4,000 current employees. The move is part of its £2.5Bn...


7th July 2021

Bentley Polishes its Electrified Spurs

Bentley has released what it claims is its ‘greenest’ luxury sporting model to date in the shape of the PHEV Flying Spur Hybrid. The automaker says it establishes a...


18th March 2021

Audi Expands Swarm ADAS Capabilities

Audi is accelerating its swarm technology bringing more V2X features to its mass market products. Its upgraded “Local Hazard Information” (LHI) now uses a car-to-cloud connectivity that can estimate...


19th February 2021

Bentley’s Sights on Holy Grail of Recyclable BEV Components

Bentley is embarking on a three-year program to crack the issue of poor recycling capabilities of BEV batteries and e-motors. As a first step, it hopes the project will...


18th February 2021

Bentley’s Mighty W12 Bacalar Engine Passes Test Program

Bentley’s new 6.0-liter W12 TSI engine destined to power its forthcoming Bacalar model has passed its exhaustive bench testing ready for production. The motor, producing a claimed 650bhp and...


6th November 2020

Bentley Spells Out its Battery Future

Bentley will only be marketing plug-in hybrid or battery electric cars by 2026 with an exclusive BEV range by the end of the decade. That’s the key pledge in...


9th September 2020

Bentley Fires Up Homage to its 4½-Liter ‘Blower’

Bentley’s homage to the iconic supercharged 4½-Liter ‘Blower’ engine has been fired up for the first time at its Crewe plant. Yet, despite being an “exact” copy of the...


6th August 2020

Bentley Starts Three-Year BEV Powertrain Study

Bentley is taking the first tentative steps towards a full BEV powertrain for its luxury cars by announcing a three-year research study into employing a new e-axle. The iconic...