26th September 2022

Tesla Ordered to Recall a Million US Cars Over Window Fault

Tesla has been ordered to recall more than on million cars in the US as safety regulators fear passenger fingers could be trapped in vehicle windows. The BBC reports...

21st July 2022

Baidu Unveils ‘Cheap’ Robo-Taxi in China

China’s leading digital giant, Baidu, has unveiled its latest, and cheapest, robo-taxi to operate within its Apollo Go commercial service. The BBC reports that the company’s new fully autonomous...


10th May 2021

US Pipeline Hack Sounds Automakers’ Alarm

Automakers are witnessing a stark warning about their future computer systems’ security with the criminal cyber attack on the US’s largest oil pipeline. The BBC reports that the US...


10th June 2020

Tesla’s Supplier Claims 1M Mile Battery Life

The Chinese battery supplier to Tesla claims it could build a pack to power a vehicle for more than a million miles and boast a lifespan of 16 years....

21st April 2020

Alloy ‘Sponge’ Touted as Fuel Cell Breakthrough

Scientists are claiming the creation of an aluminum ‘sponge’ that could hold the key to promote mass adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The UK’s BBC has reported that...


11th July 2019

BEVs Facing Urban Ban Over Pollution Risks

Pressure is mounting to ban BEVs from city centers amid fears they will continue polluting the urban environment. Having effectively won the battle against ICE vehicles in urban areas,...

30th May 2019

UK Government Clings to EV Pledge in Car Slump

A dramatic Brexit inspired slump in UK car production has seen the government attempt to deflect criticism by restating its commitment to advancing EV technology. While production figures for...


22nd July 2015

Latest ‘prank’ hack gets carmakers rattled

Bloomberg reported that the company responded a day after Wired magazine published a feature about software programmers who were able to take over the vehicle while it was being...