26th March 2018

Weekly Brief: Uber death throws autonomous testing into doubt

An Uber self-driving car driving in autonomous mode struck a 49-year-old homeless woman walking a bike across a road late at night in Tempe, Arizona, last week. The car’s...


5th February 2018

Weekly Brief: Hyundai eyes-up Asia driverless taxi market

Hyundai’s latest Level 4 trial hints at the scale of its ambitions in Asia. Andrew Tolve reports. On a sun-kissed day last week in South Korea, Hyundai completed a...


24th January 2018

Udacity to Offer Training in Baidu’s Apollo Platform

Autonomous vehicle engineers can now earn 'nanodegrees' specific to Baidu's Apollo through Udacity.


16th January 2018

Weekly Brief: Self-driving cars run amok over CES 2018

Remember the halcyon days when consumer electronics were the stars of the Consumer Electronics Show? Andrew Tolve reports on how self-driving cars put an end to that. Last week...


16th January 2018

Nvidia Enlists Big Names in Autonomous Driving Push

No company released a higher volume of AV news at CES 2018 than Nvidia. To help it called on Uber, VW, Mercedes-Benz and Baidu.


12th January 2018

Baidu Teams Up With BlackBerry for Connected Car Tech

BlackBerry's newfound foothold in China, thanks to Baidu, sent its stock prices soaring.


8th January 2018

Weekly Brief: BlackBerry lands blockbuster deal for self-driving cars

BlackBerry thinks the connected car can help save it. Landing Baidu is a good start. Andrew Tolve reports. BlackBerry started 2018 off with a bang when it inked a deal...


5th January 2018

Baidu Accuses Former AV Executive of Stealing Secrets

Baidu's autonomous vehicle claims are similar to Waymo's ongoing lawsuit against Uber.


25th September 2017

Weekly Brief: London switches off hire lamp light on Uber

Uber could lose its toehold in one of the most important capital cities in the world. Andrew Tolve reports. London’s transport authority, Transport for London, dropped the axe on...


24th July 2017

Weekly Brief: Lyft self-driving division closes gap with Uber

Lyft wakes up to the fact that it needs its own self-driving tech to compete in the future of ridesharing. Andrew Tolve reports. Six months of scandals, dustups and...


5th June 2017

Weekly Brief: EV investments ignore Trump’s retreat from climate change agreement

The world doubles down on ‘clean’ energy mobility in the face of Donald Trump wanting to leave Paris Climate Agreement. Andrew Tolve reports. President Donald Trump will pull the...


25th November 2016

Carmakers now caring about sharing

With the rise of the ‘sharing economy’, the automotive industry has begun transforming themselves from carmakers into mobility providers. Naturally, their main industrial activity will still be building cars...