10th January 2019

Baidu’s OpenEdge Platform Could Speed Development of Autonomous Applications

Open source platforms such as Baidu's OpenEdge can help reduce the update cycles for many products, especially those for autonomous and connected vehicles.


5th November 2018

Weekly Brief: Baidu Sets Off Robo-Taxi Race in China

The race to roll out robo-taxis in the US makes for great theater. Waymo is on the doorstep. General Motors’ Cruise is nipping at its heels. Uber just announced...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


2nd November 2018

Volvo, Baidu Partner for Chinese AVs

Volvo is partnering with Chinese tech giant Baidu to develop and mass-produce electric autonomous vehicles for that country. The company claims this makes it the first non-Chinese automaker “to...


31st October 2018

Ford & Baidu Partner on Autonomous Vehicle Testing in Beijing

Ford and Baidu plan to bring Level 4 autonomous vehicles to the streets of Beijing. Right now, Daimler's self-driving cars are already on the road in the capital.


20th September 2018

Baidu Signs Level 4 AV Development Deal

China’s Baidu has reached an agreement with a braking technology company to develop braking systems for Level 4 commercial AVs. The company has signed a memorandum of understanding with...


14th September 2018

Baidu Launching Software for Smart AVs

Chinese tech major Baidu is launching new open-source software it says will allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with their occupants and their surroundings. It is claiming the Intelligent Vehicle...


18th July 2018

Weekly Brief: Daimler sets sights on Silicon Valley’s first robotaxi service

The service will enter test mode in the second half of 2019. Andrew Tolve reports. Daimler and Bosch want to beat Waymo in its own backyard. The carmaker and Tier-1 supplier announced last week that they...


10th July 2018

Baidu Inks Deals With BMW & Suning for AV Development

BMW and Suning, a Chinese retail giant, are looking to push self-driving vehicle technology to the next level through different partnerships with Baidu.


9th July 2018

Baidu Churns Out Driverless Buses in China, Looks to Japan

China's Baidu is looking to expand its self-driving Apolong bus line both domestically, as well as overseas, with Japan as the next market for the company's autonomous technology.


19th June 2018

BMW Opens Autonomous Vehicle R&D Facility in Shanghai

BMW is investing billions in the research and development of autonomous vehicles, with this facility focused on the Chinese market.


15th June 2018

Data may answer human-machine handoff dilemma

Resolving the risks of human to machine handover in semi-autonomous vehicles, investigated by Susan Kuchinskas. Some think that it’s completely unrealistic to expect a human driver to be ready...


14th May 2018

DiDi Research Gains Approval for AV Tests on California Roads

DiDi joins its Chinese rivals and a host of other OEMs and tech companies in the race to develop self-driving vehicles.