31st October 2018

Illinois Self-Driving Car Push Costs Governor an Endorsement

In Illinois, a push for autonomous vehicles has turned political with a group that advocates for motorcyclists rescinding its endorsement for the state's governor.


NHTSA Cracks Down on Self-Driving School Bus
23rd October 2018

NHTSA Cracks Down on Self-Driving School Bus

The NHTSA is cracking down on Transdev and its self-driving school bus program, citing the safety of children.


5th October 2018

Feds’ New AV Policy Paper Continues Voluntary Approach

The Trump Administration is sticking with its light-touch approach to regulating autonomous vehicles.


27th September 2018

ARM Zeroes In On Safety With CPU for AVs

ARM's is calling its newly released Cortex-A76AE chip the first in a series of self-driving processors designed for autonomous vehicles and safety.


30th July 2018

ADAS Features Still Leave Consumers Nervous

A Strategy Analytics report finds consumers are still wary about driver assistance systems that could help them park their cars.


16th July 2018

AV Adoption Raises Complicated Insurance Issues

A Travelers white paper calls for insurance companies to start getting involved with autonomous vehicles at the policy-creation level. The report also warns that vehicle repair costs are likely...


2nd July 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Growth Propelled by US, China, Report Finds

A report from research firm Juniper finds societal changes, the growth of digital infrastructure and driver safety concerns are propelling the autonomous vehicle market forward, with the US and...


28th June 2018

Carmakers & Carriers Need to Partner on 5G

A recent report from analyst firm Gartner finds that connected cars are key to 5G networks, but automakers needs to work with carriers.