20th December 2018

AV START Is Dead, but Feds Have Given an Inch on Regulation

The Senate's AV START Act is now dead and with it, any hope for greater federal oversight over autonomous vehicles, at least for now. However, the NHTSA is trying...


Group Wants Industry’s Anti-AV Legislation Push Quashed
10th December 2018

Group Wants Industry’s Anti-AV Legislation Push Quashed

A consumer rights group is calling for alleged efforts by the automotive industry to overturn California’s autonomous vehicle legislation to be forestalled nationally. Ahead of the US House of...


24th September 2018

AV START Fueling Fight Over How Much Power to Give Washington

The AV START Act could open the doors to widespread testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. Proponents want to get the bill though the Senate, but some worry...


10th September 2018

US Driverless Bills ‘Running Out of Time’

Proponents of a bill intended to kickstart US autonomous vehicle development are stepping up pressure to get it passed but lawmakers seem to be as divided as ever. The...


22nd May 2018

GDPR May Be Slowing Connected Car Growth

The European Union's GDPR rules could be one factor in the slowdown of connected car sales. Automakers are also still trying to gauge the public's reaction to new technologies....


17th May 2018

Connected Car Delays Come Under Fire at NHTSA Hearing

During a Senate confirmation hearing, Heidi King, who has been nominated to lead the NHTSA, faced tough questions about preparing the country for connected and autonomous vehicles, as well...


23rd April 2018

Should Government Brake or Accelerate Self-Driving Cars?

A recent debate among government regulators and auto industry executives shows that the road to autonomous cars is no straight line.


5th April 2018

AV START Bill Under Fire Following Uber, Tesla Crashes

Following a pair of fatal crashes involving Uber and Tesla vehicles, US Sen. Richard Blumenthal and consumer advocacy groups are looking to bolster the safety and reporting standards of...


16th March 2018

AV START Bill Hits Opposition from Democratic Lawmakers

A group of five Democratic Senators want the bill to include greater privacy and safety protections for consumers, among other concerns.


9th March 2018

Could this be the year the car starts ‘thinking’?

The next few years are expected to transform the auto industry as automakers begin to deploy their first self-driving vehicles. This will bring a number of dramatic changes in...


14th February 2018

Consumer Group Slams US Senate’s Autonomous Vehicle Bill

This week, Consumer Watchdog sent a letter to the US Senate arguing that self-driving and autonomous vehicles still lack significant safety features. The group noted the number of times...