18th December 2018

BASF Colors Brighten Lidar’s Ability to Better See Vehicles

In releasing a new line of car paints for 2018-2019, BASF believes that certain hues will help Lidar better detect autonomous and other vehicles.


14th December 2018

Toyota Invests in Virtual AV Software Dev Parallel Domain

Investment in software development for virtual autonomous vehicle testing continues apace, with Toyota backing startup Parallel Domain.


13th December 2018

Bosch Self-Driving Shuttle Tech Aimed at Urban Environments

Bosch is developing systems and components for automating, connecting, and electrifying shuttles for moving passengers through cities.


11th December 2018

Autoware Foundation Focusing on Open Source AV Development

The Autoware Foundation will base its open source self-driving vehicle software on ROS 2. LG and Huawei are among its members behind this effort.


6th December 2018

Rhode Island Picks May Mobility to Run AV Pilot Program

May Mobility, the autonomous vehicle startup, already has self-driving shuttle programs underway in Ohio and Michigan. The Rhode Island trial begins this winter.


6th December 2018

Waymo’s Commercial Ride-Sharing Service: Why It Matters

After much hype, Waymo One, the company's commercial ride-sharing, is here. Here's why it matters.


5th December 2018

Hyundai, Netradyne Partner on HD Mapping & Navigation

Hyundai and Netradyne believe that advanced navigation capabilities are critical to advancing autonomous driving, with crowd-sourced information a central component.


29th November 2018

Waymo’s Latest Moves Show How Critical Safety Is for AVs

With its self-driving taxi service preparing to launch, Waymo is taking no chances and is now boosting its safety approach to AVs.


28th November 2018

GM’s Cost Cutting Means High-Stakes Betting on Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

With GM cutting 14,000 jobs and closing five factories, the company is signaling that it's betting a big portion of its future on electric and autonomous vehicles.


27th November 2018

Mobileye Taps AWS for the Lifeblood of AVs: Cloud Computing

At the AWS reinvent show in Las Vegas, Mobileye is tapping into the company's cloud computing resources to create new autonomous vehicle technology.


14th November 2018

Waymo’s CEO Sees Limits to Self-Driving on Eve of Launch

As Waymo prepares its self-driving taxi service for a December launch, CEO John Krafcik told an audience that autonomy has its limits.


9th November 2018

Autonomous Trucking Seen as Boosting Safety, Reducing Costs

Autonomous trucks are on the way, but many global transport companies feel the high cost of investment is a deterrent to adoption, a survey finds.