10th November 2021

The Future of Manufacturing is Neural

There is increased demand for personalized frictionless omni-channel experiences, agile location independent operations, and innovative ‘phygital’ products and services. To sustain market leadership, manufacturers need to rapidly redefine their...


16th March 2020

Test of Complex Autonomous Vehicle Designs

Autonomous vehicles (AV) combine multiple sensors, computers, and communication technology to make driving safer and improve the driver’s experience. Learn about design and test of complex sensor and communication...

Keysight Technologies


10th January 2019

Baidu’s OpenEdge Platform Could Speed Development of Autonomous Applications

Open source platforms such as Baidu's OpenEdge can help reduce the update cycles for many products, especially those for autonomous and connected vehicles.


10th January 2019

AV Players Seeking New Ways to Reach the Public & Lawmakers

Despite the hype, makers of autonomous vehicle technology are still having a hard time reaching the public, as well as lawmakers who want to regulate the industry. At CES,...


9th January 2019

AV Tech Viewed with More Skepticism, Deloitte Study Finds

Despite major announcements at CES this week, a Deloitte study show a grow skepticism of AV technology in several major markets around the globe.


8th January 2019

Nvidia’s Drive AutoPilot System Is for Human-Supervised Self-Driving

At CES this week, Nvidia plans to unveil Drive AutoPilot, which the chip maker claims will bring ADAS to the next level.


2nd January 2019

Aptiv Gaining Real-World Lessons for Las Vegas Service

For the past several months, Aptiv has offered rides to customers in Las Vegas. Now that the company has expanded its operation, its AV chief explains to TU-Automotive what...


27th December 2018

AV Test Centers Boom Due to ‘Less Liability’

Ford, Daimler, and FCA were among the global players building brand new test centers in 2018 - and turning legacy infrastructure into future proving grounds.


26th December 2018

How US States Jumped on the Autonomous Bandwagon in 2018

Over the last 12 months, numerous US states took steps to lure autonomous vehicle developers, hoping to emulate the success of leaders California and Arizona.


19th December 2018

Anthony Levandowski’s New Startup Looks to Shake Up AV Industry

The controversial former Google and Uber engineer, Anthony Levandowski, is back with a new startup called that looks to shake-up the autonomous vehicle industry.


18th December 2018

BASF Colors Brighten Lidar’s Ability to Better See Vehicles

In releasing a new line of car paints for 2018-2019, BASF believes that certain hues will help Lidar better detect autonomous and other vehicles.


14th December 2018

Toyota Invests in Virtual AV Software Dev Parallel Domain

Investment in software development for virtual autonomous vehicle testing continues apace, with Toyota backing startup Parallel Domain.