autonomous vehicle

30th January 2018

Voyage Brings Driverless Fleet to Florida Retirement Community

More than 125,000 senior citizens who live in The Villages retirement community in Florida will have access to autonomous vehicle rides.


26th January 2018

Waymo Testing Its Self-Driving Pacificas in San Francisco, Atlanta

Waymo's driverless fleet of Chrysler minivans are expanding beyond Arizona.


25th January 2018

Inside GM’s Steering Wheel-less, Pedal-less Driverless Car

GM's Cruise AV is scheduled to launch in 2019.


15th January 2018

Innoviz Launches Solid State Lidar With 150-Meter Range

The InnovizPro solid-state Lidar is now available for autonomous vehicle developers.


2nd January 2018

Justice Department Letter Charges Uber With Bribery, Hacking

Uber's 2017 woes look to continue this year.


6th March 2017

Weekly Brief: Forget smartphones, MWC was all about the connected car

The mobile industry’s signature conference turned into a five-day exhibition about the future of the connected car. Andrew Tolve reports.  Connected car mania descended on Barcelona as the mobile...


13th March 2015

Flying Cars Taxiing for Takeoff

One company that will sell you an air-friendly craft is U.S.-based Terrafugia (appropriately, Latin for “escape the Earth”). Founded in 2006 to build and sell the hybrid vehicles, the...


9th March 2015

The Radical Redesign of Autonomous Vehicles

Greater automation will change car interiors and exteriors and will ultimately challenge our notion of what an auto is. That’s the bold vision of car designer Dan Sturges, a...


27th February 2015

Autonomous Roundup

Consumer acceptance of autonomous driving seems to be growing, in part fueled by intense media hype that kicked into high gear during January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In fact,...


6th February 2015

The Road to the Connected Fleet of the Future Part 1

It’s no secret that trucking fleets are incredibly connected, thanks to a long history of telematics applications used for mobile resource management. A 2012 study by C.J. Driscoll &...


5th December 2014

Uneven Pavement Ahead: Regional Planning for Connectivity in the U.S’s president and CEO Jeffery H. Boyd spoke about several pricing and distribution-related issues during the company’s fourth quarter earnings call.


Weekly Brief: No stopping the self-driving car
27th January 2014

Weekly Brief: No stopping the self-driving car

USA Today has launched its iPhone travel application, USA Today AutoPilot, on the Apple App Store.