autonomous vehicle

10th November 2021

The Future of Manufacturing is Neural

There is increased demand for personalized frictionless omni-channel experiences, agile location independent operations, and innovative ‘phygital’ products and services. To sustain market leadership, manufacturers need to rapidly redefine their...


9th January 2019

Mobileye CEO: Automation Can Save Lives Without Self-Driving Cars

At CES this week, Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua detailed how the company's technology can make driving safer, even if that falls short of fully autonomous vehicles doing all the...


18th October 2018

AV Start-Up Momenta, Now a Unicorn, Tops $1Bn in Funding

Momenta proclaims its unicorn status with a new investment round that brings the autonomous vehicle startup's total valuation to north of $1 billion.


12th October 2018

Intel & Arizona Partner on Institute for Automated Mobility

The partnership between Intel and Arizona is part of the state's big plan to remain at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development through testing and regulatory efforts.


11th October 2018

Rand Study Calls for Greater Self-Driving Vehicles Safety Standards

Automakers and governments need to work together in order to share information and develop a common set of safety standards for autonomous vehicles, according to the Rand Corporation.


10th October 2018

Autonomous Cars Face Higher Adoption Barriers Than Drones, Ships

A report from the UK's International Underwriting Association finds an easier path to future success for aerial drones and autonomous ships, compared to autonomous vehicles, due to self-driving vehicle...


16th July 2018

AVs Don’t Need to Be Regulated Yet, Car Safety Chief Says

President Trump's nominee to lead the NHTSA, Heidi King, believes the federal government should take a light touch when regulating autonomous vehicles for safety. Not everyone is convinced.


26th June 2018

Toyota Invests in CARLA Open Source AV Simulator Project

The Toyota Research institute had invested a modest $100,000 in CARLA, an open source simulation project that can help in the development of autonomous vehicles.


22nd June 2018

Boston Greenlights Additional AV Testing From nuTonomy

Autonomous vehicle software developer nuTonomy is expanding its test program in Boston to include additional city streets.


22nd June 2018

New Standard Could Help Turn Smartphones Into Car Keys

The release of the Digital Key Release 1.0 specification is the first step to getting auto and phone companies on the same page about this capability.


19th June 2018

Apple Hires Top Waymo Engineer to Boost Self-Driving Car Efforts

Apple has made a strategic hire by poaching a top Waymo engineer, Jaime Waydo, to help bolster its own self-driving car efforts.


7th June 2018

Sweden’s Hexagon Inks Deal for AV Supplier AutonomouStuff

Sweden-based Hexagon is snapping up AutonomouStuff, a US-based supplier of integrated autonomous vehicle technology, for an undisclosed sum.