autonomous cars

20th April 2018

Connecticut Latest to Join Race to Test AVs

Up to four Connecticut municipalities may participate in the state's pilot program if their applications to allow testing of fully autonomous vehicles are approved, the governor said.


19th April 2018

Nvidia Makes Life a (Simulated) Hell for Self-Driving Systems

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia uses its gaming expertise to simulate highways to hell, full of nightmarish scenarios of inclement weather, bad drivers and tricky intersections, then uses this data plus...


9th December 2016

Cadillac plans to steer clear of driverless cars

If you thought the Super Cruise auto-pilot technology bowing next year on the Cadillac CT6 large luxury sedan signals a future of fully autonomous driving for the luxury brand,...


13th August 2015

Video: Technology must be designed to help, not hinder, the driving experience

Don't miss Active Safety: ADAS to Autonomous this October 12-13.


15th May 2015

In law, Tomorrowland’s another day – Part I

Back when the Space Age was just getting underway a media-induced frenzy was going on about the future and it was promised to be 'just around the corner', including...


New tech, new challenges for insurance
5th May 2015

New tech, new challenges for insurance

Find out how new automotive tech is revolutionising motor insurance in North America at Insurance Telematics USA 2015 this September.


23rd April 2015

The need for speed

Automakers and suppliers are putting the hammer down by speeding up production cycles to keep connected cars current but also to stay ahead of the consumer electronics curve as...


17th April 2015

Think soccer when keeping your eye on the autonomous ball

Soccer holds the key to autonomous driving, according to the University of Nevada. Raúl Rojas, visiting professor of computer science, mathematics and statistics, says soccer is harder than driving...


23rd March 2015

Sensors: Powerful, Cheaper and Multipurpose

A human being doesn't have 360-degree visibility when she's driving a car. She relies on her judgment to tell her whether to look at her side mirror, the backup...