Automobili Pininfarina

18th August 2023

Pininfarina Unveils its Multi-Million Dollar BEV

Automobili Pininfarina has joined the ranks of the battery electric vehicle makers with the unveiling of its Barchetta, B95 hyper-sports car priced from an eye-watering €4.4M ($4.8M). However, the...


19th January 2022

Automobili Pininfarina Readies Series Production of BEV Hyper Car

Luxury hyper-performance BEV maker Automobili Pininfarina is set to expand its sales operations in the US just as series production of its luxury Battista Grand Tourer begins in Italy....


16th November 2020

Pininfarina Battista Claims Worldwide Connectivity

Automobili Pininfarina’s Battista is claiming is claiming to be the world’s first BEV hypercar with worldwide connectivity. The luxury automaker has teamed up with Deutsche Telekom to offer Battista...


24th February 2020

High Tech Heritage Launches Planned for Geneva

Two heritage marques will use Geneva to launch their latest products ranging from the high-tech to the traditional. Firstly Automobili Pininfarina will present a strictly limited special edition of...


12th February 2020

Pininfarina Luxury Hyper BEV Starts Testing

Car design house icon brand Automobili Pininfarina is celebrating the 90th anniversary year of Pininfarina SpA, with the start of real-world testing of its near 1,900bhp BEV luxury hypercar....


19th November 2019

Pininfarina Outlines Luxury Hypercar Strategy

Automotive icon design house’s carmaker subsidiary, Automobili Pininfarina, has outlined its BEV luxury hypercar strategy. At the same time, it revealed the powertrain platform ahead of the Pura Vision...


28th December 2018

Electric Supercars Cater to the Eco-Conscious Ultra-Wealthy

In 2018, many of the world’s top automakers went electric, boasting eye-watering acceleration and wallet-emptying price tags.


29th November 2018

Pininfarina EV Hypercar Gets Investment Boost

Pininfarina’s EV sub-brand has confirmed a €20M ($23M) investment program in the future design, development and production of its PFO luxury electric hypercar and an ensuing future range. To...


28th September 2018

Pininfarina Signs E-Powertrain Deal for PFO Hypercar

Iconic Italian auto design house Automobili Pininfarina is focusing its future efforts on electrified powertrains with a development agreement signed with Rimac. The automotive electric specialist will provide battery...