26th April 2022

Challenges of Making Ancient Cities Smart

In 2009, an earthquake devastated L’Aquila, Italy, killing more than three hundred people in this historic mountain town, and displacing 70,000 more. While rebuilding has been slow, the destruction...

By Susan Kuchinskas


10th January 2019

AT&T Brings 4G Connectivity to Additional Toyota, Lexus Models

Toyota and Lexus owners will be able to access connected services like remote start and climate control, as well as remote diagnostics and Safety Connect thanks to AT&T.


14th December 2018

Boost For Retrofit Connectivity with Tantalum Acquisition

Retrofitting vehicle connectivity could get a boost with the announcement that connected car platform provider Tantalum is expanding with the take-over of a Swedish ecosystem operator. It has acquired...


13th November 2018

Sprint Joins the Connected-Car Add-On Game

With Drive, Sprint joins Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T in offering products that make older cars more connected.


2nd November 2018

AT&T & Daimler Partner on Connected Trucks, Fleet Services

AT&T is bringing its Detroit Connect telematics and fleet management platform to Daimler trucks in Europe and Australia.


AT&T, IoT Specialist Launching CV Platform
25th September 2018

AT&T, IoT Specialist Launching CV Platform

AT&T and an IoT device maker are jointly launching a platform they claim can bring connectivity to most vehicles manufactured from 1996 onward. AT&T and HARMAN are claiming that...


In-Car Camera System Mimics eCall
14th August 2018

In-Car Camera System Mimics eCall

A connected law enforcement technology provider is partnering with two telecoms giants to roll out a privately run version of Europe’s eCall. Under the deal with AT&T and Verizon, Axon’s...


21st May 2018

How New Policies Are Driving Our Connected Roadways

To build a world for connected cars, a number of different initiatives need to come together. This not only includes developments by corporations, but government action as well.

Jeff Stewart


16th April 2018

Network Slicing, Net Neutrality & the Future of Connected Cars

The introduction of network slicing and the loosening of net neutrality rules is helping to pave the way for connected and autonomous vehicles. However, it's also creating a two-tier...


6th April 2018

Michigan’s American Center for Mobility Officially Opens

The newly opened Michigan's American Center for Mobility is being lauded as the future of autonomous vehicle development and testing. Microsoft, which is eyeing a bigger role for itself...


31st October 2017

Paving the Road to Innovation

AT&T is making investments in connected car technologies. Here's a look at what the carrier is working on.

Brian Greaves


4th August 2017

More tech to stop tech-related road deaths

2016 was a deadly year to be on the road in the US – according to provisional estimates from the National Safety Council, there were 40,200 traffic fatalities in...