Aston Martin

19th July 2018

Aston Martin Volante Vision Concept Looks to Rise Above the Competition

Personal air mobility may still seem like science fiction to most, but that hasn't stopped Aston Martin from putting a luxury spin on the concept with the newly unveiled...


17th July 2018

Pininfarina Electric Concept Supercar Targets the Ultra-Rich

Forget about electric mobility for the masses: Pininfarina, the designer of the Ferrari, is planning a supercar aimed at tech titans with a top speed of 250mph.


8th June 2018

BEVs won’t have monopoly on e-mobility

Challenges and opportunities of current and future battery technology for electric vehicles, investigated by Lynn Walford. It’s clear we are on the verge of a great transformation in the...


9th March 2018

Aston Martin Lagonda Pushes Limits of Self-Driving Luxury

The Aston Martin Lagonda concept car sports an interior swaddled in silk and cashmere, ceramic tile, and offers a radical vision of what a luxury mobility experience could be....


13th March 2017

Weekly Brief: Hypercars upstaged by tech at the Geneva Motor Show

This year’s show featured 150 car debuts, from supercars to swanky all electric concepts. Andrew Tolve reports. Supercars hogged the headlines last week at the Geneva Motor Show, more...


7th March 2016

Weekly Brief: A Google car crashes, world gasps, yet fuel-fumed Geneva Motor Show just smirks

All eyes should have been trained on Geneva Motor Show last week for the year’s premier European auto show; instead, a minor bump between a bus and a Google...


14th December 2015

Weekly Brief: Baidu locks horns with Google in autonomous race

Chinese search giant Baidu, long suspected of joining rival Google in the self-driving car race, told The Wall Street Journal that it has created a new business unit specifically...