16th January 2019

TuSimple Expanding Routes for Self-Driving Trucks

TuSimple is expanding the routes for its fleet of self driving trucks in an effort to quickly help the industry beat low margins and battle declining numbers of drivers.


26th December 2018

How US States Jumped on the Autonomous Bandwagon in 2018

Over the last 12 months, numerous US states took steps to lure autonomous vehicle developers, hoping to emulate the success of leaders California and Arizona.


21st December 2018

AVs to Deliver Arizonans’ Last-Minute Xmas Treats

An autonomous vehicle start-up’s grocery delivery pilot program is being expanded to operate fully driverless vehicles just in time for Christmas. Since August, Nuro has partnered with a branch...


5th December 2018

Waymo Launching US’ First Commercial AV Service

Waymo is officially launching the US’ first ever commercial autonomous vehicle ride-sharing service. The initial rollout, termed ‘Waymo One’, will be restricted to the cities of Tempe, Mesa, and...


12th October 2018

Intel & Arizona Partner on Institute for Automated Mobility

The partnership between Intel and Arizona is part of the state's big plan to remain at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development through testing and regulatory efforts.


Driverless Grocery Delivery to Come to Arizona
17th August 2018

Driverless Grocery Delivery to Come to Arizona

A supermarket giant and a self-driving vehicle start-up will offer a trial grocery-delivery service that uses autonomous vehicles. Kroger has announced that Scottsdale, Arizona, would be the site of...


9th August 2018

IIHS Report Slams Uber for Turning Off Braking System Before Fatal Crash

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has issued a new report that takes Uber to task for disabling the braking system of a self-driving car before a fatal crash...


13th July 2018

Uber Replacing AV Driver Job With Specialist Role

As Uber plans to restart its autonomous vehicle testing in Pittsburgh, the company is replacing some workers and addressing other safety concerns.


25th June 2018

Fatal Uber Crash Probe Finds Driver Was Streaming Video

In a report, police investigators found that the backup driver in the Uber vehicle that fatally struck a pedestrian had been streaming a TV show before the accident.


31st May 2018

NTSB Report on Uber Crash May Shake Up AV Testing

Last week's NTSB report on the fatal crash involving an Uber autonomous vehicle and a pedestrian is a windows into how politicians and the public are rethinking self-driving technology.


25th May 2018

Emergency Braking Was Disabled Before Fatal Uber AV Crash

The self-driving Uber SUV that killed a pedestrian in Arizona earlier this year had its automatic braking system turned off to prevent erratic driving, the National Transportation Safety Board...


24th May 2018

Uber Leaves Arizona to Move AV Testing Closer to Its Engineers

Following the fatal accident involving a self-driving vehicle and a pedestrian in Arizona, Uber is planning to leave the state to move its testing program closer to the company's...