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25th May 2018

Getting regulators on the driverless bus

Legal challenges facing the driverless car continue, explored by Simmi Sinha. In our article Guinea-pig testing casts a ‘shadow’ over driverless tech we discussed the challenges of autonomous vehicle testing and...


16th February 2018

Hooking up to the IoT with a clear conscience

The United States Senate will consider the SELF-DRIVE Act that will, among other things, require car makers to develop plans or automotive cyber security, while also directing NHTSA to...


19th January 2018

Guinea-pig testing casts a ‘shadow’ over driverless tech

Several US states have already taken the plunge at legalising autonomous vehicle testing and look set to extend this to fully supporting the auto industry’s drive towards mass market...

By Simmi Sinha


6th November 2017

Weekly Brief: Ford connected car hopes pinned on new cellular technology

Ford may be lagging behind with self-driving tech but it’s taking the lead on cellular technology with help from Qualcomm. Andrew Tolve reports. Imagine if your car could communicate...


7th July 2017

War between cops and cyber robbers over connected cars

Can technology defeat the old-fashioned car thief? An incident in Seattle suggested it might. Last November, a thief helped himself to a BMW 550i, the driver of which had...


18th April 2017

Weekly Brief: GM takes on Tesla with new Super Cruise technology

Cadillac will bring self-driving cars closer to mainstream reality when Super Cruise debuts on the CTS this autumn. Andrew Tolve reports The wait for Super Cruise is finally over....


9th January 2017

Weekly Brief: Connected cars dominate mobile tech at CES 2017

Carmakers used the Consumer Electronics Show to highlight the impending era of personalised technology in automobiles. Andrew Tolve reports. Hordes of tech enthusiasts descended on the Consumer Electronics Show...


1st July 2016

Nothing simple about cyber security on a speeding car

Keeping computer hackers away from a PC or laptop may be hard enough but protecting a fully connected car as it hurtles along a high speed motorway or interstate...


8th January 2016

There’s no time to lose in locking hackers out of connected cars

“Your car is a giant computer – and it can be hacked,” blared the headline on CNN’s web site. That feels like lurid, sensationalistic sound-bite; surely in this advanced...