Anthony Levandowski

19th December 2018

Anthony Levandowski’s New Startup Looks to Shake Up AV Industry

The controversial former Google and Uber engineer, Anthony Levandowski, is back with a new startup called that looks to shake-up the autonomous vehicle industry.


9th February 2018

Waymo Settles Patent Dispute for $245M Uber Stake

After a week of testimony at a federal courthouse in San Francisco, Waymo and Uber announced an agreement to settle their dispute, with Waymo taking a $245 million stake...


8th February 2018

Waymo vs. Uber: How Potential Partnership Turned Into Rivalry

During testimony this week, Uber founder Travis Kalanick claimed that he tried to start a partnership with Google's Waymo division, before the company hired its own engineers to start...


6th February 2018

Waymo Paints Uber’s Kalanick as a Cheat During Trial’s First Day

The long-awaited trial between Waymo and Uber opened Monday, with lawyers painting Travis Kalanick as a cheat. Attorneys for the ride-sharing leader countered, saying the Google-backed project was falling...


5th February 2018

Waymo, Uber Head to Court With Eyes on Autonomy’s Future

After several delays, the long-awaited trial between Waymo and Uber will start this week in a federal court in San Francisco. The lawsuit could determine the future of autonomous...


2nd January 2018

Justice Department Letter Charges Uber With Bribery, Hacking

Uber's 2017 woes look to continue this year.