Analyst Corner

12th July 2018

Connected & Autonomous Cars Blog Four: Mapping & Harvesting the Benefits of Industry Intersections

The blessing and the burden of being an analyst who covers the IoT and telecoms technology are that the breadth of industries impacted is huge, and the pace of...


12th July 2018

Connected & Autonomous Cars Blog Two: Gradually Suddenly

In the first blog, we examined factors of the tectonic shift occurring in the automotive industry and its frontiers, resulting in OEMs radically rethinking their business models. In addition...


11th July 2018

Connected & Autonomous Cars – Industry Overview One: Shifting Frontiers

This is the first of four analyst corner reports that will look at why the dynamics of the connected and autonomous car space are so fascinating, and how understanding...


10th July 2018

Connected Cars Require a Shift in Mindset

The connected car is a complex machine comprising 50-plus sensors and, by some estimates, 100 million lines of software code. It is being subject to an intense period of...


9th July 2018

Mobility-as-a-Service Requires Platform Agility

Agility and adaptability are not terms that you would normally associate with auto manufacturers. By digital standards, their product development cycles are long, usually between three to four years,...


8th July 2018

Active Fleet Management in a Dynamic & Complex Environment

The total global installed base of vehicles is approximately 1.2 billion, with around 300 million being light and heavy commercial vehicles. The fleet management industry services roughly 10% of...


6th July 2018

Why a Truly Ubiquitous Platform Solution Rewards Everyone, Especially the Customer

One of the biggest challenges that automotive manufacturers have is the creation of a single platform that can be easily sold into local markets, governed by different standards and...


5th July 2018

Inside Harman’s Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) Platform

CaaS Solution is based on the HARMAN Ignite Platform and is used by OEMs, Dealers and Service Providers to offer car sharing services for a fleet of vehicles. This...


3rd July 2018

The Connected Car Taxonomy Decoded: An Overview of Connected Autonomous Vehicles & Intelligent Transportation Systems

The Connected Car Taxonomy Decoded gives a broad overview of the autonomous vehicle and the intelligent transport systems (ITS) landscape and how it is evolving. It addresses Advanced Driver...