American Automobile Association (AAA)

4th March 2021

Pandemic Proves a Good Gig for Carsharing

The carsharing business may exit the COVID-19 pandemic in a stronger market position than it was in before the virus shut down the global economy last year. Rental car...

By Robert Gray


15th January 2021

ODD Collaboration Needed for AV Safety

The creation of an operational design domain (ODD) will be an essential component to the widespread adoption and deployment of self-driving vehicles. ODDs, a term that defines all conceivable...

22nd January 2020

EVs Cost More to Own Than ICE, AAA Study Says

Ownership costs are on average $600 a year higher for a BEV than with vehicles using ICE powertrains a study by American Automobile Association (AAA) has concluded. Its research...

11th April 2019

Automakers Working Hard to Build Trust in Autonomous

Concerns about safety are having a major impact on the autonomous vehicle industry, with the focus shifting to how automakers can win the public’s trust in self-driving vehicles. Meanwhile,...


Continental: Germans Increasingly Skeptical of AV Tech
12th November 2018

Continental: Germans Increasingly Skeptical of AV Tech

A Continental study shows German people are growing increasingly wary of autonomous vehicle technology. The component maker has carried out a survey in the country which has found 57%...


19th February 2016

Making connected cars’ data numbers add up to consumer protection

Cars today rely on millions of lines of software code that control the function of a growing number of electronic control units (ECUs). As we head up the path...