5th June 2019

TU-Automotive Awards 2019: Honoring innovation, incredible success and unparalleled achievements

The hottest awards show of the year commenced on the evening of June 4, 2019. Bringing together the best, most innovative and most accomplished OEMs, Tier 1s, startups and...

Louis Bedigian


29th May 2019

ADAS Cuts Risk But Still Raise Insurers’ Costs

The word “revolution” is perhaps used too frequently when pundits talk about connected cars. This is particularly true of the massive vehicle insurance business, which those-in-the-know tell us will...

By Eric Volkman


28th May 2019

Weekly Brief: Robo-Trucks Are Where Self-Driving Revolution Begins

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night might stay the couriers of the United States Postal Service but self-driving trucks may soon. Last week the USPS...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


27th March 2019

VW Teams With Amazon in Industrial Cloud

Volkswagen is joining the carmakers’ rush into cloud computing in a deal teaming up with digital giant Amazon. Following hard-on-the-heels of a similar announcement by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, VW...


14th March 2019

Kia Teams With Amazon in Home EV Charging

US customers of Kia EVs and plug-in hybrids can now use Amazon as a one-stop shopping destination to buy and install home charging systems thanks to the carmaker’s latest...


25th February 2019

Weekly Brief: Tesla’s Promise of Full Autonomy in 2019 is Shameful

Tesla’s self-driving feature AutoPilot will deliver fully autonomous driving by the end of the year claims Elon Musk, who made the announcement with typical Muskian flair. “The car will...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th February 2019

Weekly Brief: Amazon finally makes entrance into self-driving tech

With nearly every big tech company having entered the race for self-driving cars in the past 10 years, one name has remained conspicuously absent. The fact that it’s Amazon,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th January 2019

Weekly Brief: Micro-Autonomy May Be Key to Bots in Our Lives

Ever wonder what the world will look like 10 years from now? Say you were to hop into a time-traveling rocket and set the touch-down date not for some...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th January 2019

Amazon Scouting Out Delivery Bot Market

Amazon has unveiled its latest attempt at devising a last-mile delivery bot in the shape of its six-wheeled Scout. While the digital commerce giant has invested in several pilot...


2nd November 2018

AWS Helps Avis Move Car Rental From Counter to Cloud

Avis is tapping into Amazon's cloud services to help transform its car rental service.


11th September 2018

Robots But Not as We Know Them Jim!

Louis Bedigian explores what robots should, and shouldn’t, look like in an automotive HMI future. The human machine interface (HMI) is set to become very important to the cars...


6th September 2018

Day One: Connected Car Insurance USA 2018

What will it take to become Amazon of insurers, Susan Kuchinskas tries to find out. Consumers are picky and spoiled by Amazon. As Shawn Broadfield, vice-president of claims innovation...