30th June 2020

Insurers See Virus’s Unexpected Boost for UBI

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and livelihoods globally but one of the most startling and apparent changes has been the rapid decline in vehicular traffic. Insurance industry experts...

By Robert Gray


2nd June 2020

Automakers and Insurers Must Join in Reducing Connected Car Risk

Perceived benefits of connected vehicles is twofold: fewer automobile accidents and, in turn, smaller insurance payouts to cover damages. That is the ultimate destination but insurance industry experts say...

By Robert Gray


29th May 2019

ADAS Cuts Risk But Still Raise Insurers’ Costs

The word “revolution” is perhaps used too frequently when pundits talk about connected cars. This is particularly true of the massive vehicle insurance business, which those-in-the-know tell us will...

By Eric Volkman


4th June 2018

Insurance Shifts Gears for Connected, Automated Driving

As vehicles become more autonomous and drivers get more connected, the insurance industry is experimenting with new business models to serve customers.


18th December 2017

Weekly Brief: Volvo dumps mass trial of full driverless tech

Volvo becomes the first carmaker to blink in the face of escalating pressure to get self-driving cars on the road. Andrew Tolve reports. Volvo’s plans to populate the streets...


22nd September 2017

Autonomy for the masses

The auto industry is eager for consumers to buy, lease or share autonomous vehicles, but no one knows what will happen to the millions of existing (non-autonomous) automobiles. Are...


8th September 2017

Allstate say auto tech will be win-win for consumers, eventually

Mobility is expected to change with a plethora of ground-breaking innovations, providing safer, cleaner transportation in a less congested environment. That’s great for consumers but the mobility revolution poses...


12th December 2016

Weekly Brief: Audi takes V2I mainstream in Las Vegas

It may not sound all that glamorous but Audi’s new Traffic Light Information feature represents a bellwether moment for V2I communication. Andrew Tolve reports. Think about a time when,...


24th July 2015

Selling customer data is the future for insurance

Bloomberg reports Allstate CEO Tom Wilson says, eventually, he can see selling data to businesses that want to reach the insurer’s policyholders with real-time coupons or promotional materials. It’s...


29th May 2015

Customer data a cash-cow for insurers

Bloomberg reports that Allstate said improved technology will eventually give the auto insurer a chance to boost revenue by selling customer driving data, just as Google profits by collecting...