29th June 2023

OTA Cyber Attacks Targeted by BlackBerry and Airbiquity

Two automotive software giants have teamed up in a bid to battle the rising cyber-security risks from hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in vehicle over-the-air (OTA) updates. BlackBerry and Airbiquity claim...


8th October 2019

Automakers Seek Control in Connected Car Software

Automotive software is now seen as a primary differentiator for vehicles. Some experts think it will become even more important if autonomous vehicles become available for ride hailing. Marques...

By Susan Kuchinskas


15th July 2019

Balancing Data Protection With UX is Carmakers’ Big Challenge

In the age of both data collection and tightening privacy regulations, automakers need to make sure they are responsibly collecting only the data they need. Darren Mann, vice-president of...


12th March 2019

Toyota Boosts Connected Car Strategy With Airbiquity Investment

Japanese car giant Toyota is boosting its connected car proposition leading a $15M investment in auto connectivity specialist Airbiquity. The carmaker joined the DENSO Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation in the...


7th March 2019

Car Data Unlocks As Many Opportunities as Concerns

Cars are producing data that can help automakers, personalize experiences and improve driving skills. Mobility data is not without issues but can provide fascinating future use cases. TU-Automotive talked...

By Lynn Walford


26th February 2019

Airbiquity Demos Latest Auto OTA Solution

Connected car communications specialist Airbiquity will demonstrate its latest OTAmatic over-the-air (OTA) software and data management solution in Germany this week. The automotive supplier claims that its solution will...


11th December 2017

Weekly Brief: GM launches in-car supermarket

General Motors wants to turn your dashboard into a hub for pre-orders and purchases. Andrew Tolve reports. Feeling in the mood for a dark mocha frappuccino? How about a...


20th October 2017

Video: Cherry-picking connected car data is vital says Airbiquity


22nd May 2017

Weekly Brief: Ford driverless car chief to take top job

Autonomous vehicle Czar’s promotion points the way for Ford’s future focus.  Paul Myles and Andrew Tolve reports. Ford’s latest executive reshuffle will see its head of Smart Mobility division,...


13th January 2017

Gazing at the crystal ball of connected cars – Part I

2016 was a vibrant, productive and profitable year for companies having anything to do with autonomy and connected vehicles. This report examines the current state of the industry and...


12th August 2016

Connected car opportunities just around the corner

While some in the auto industry have their heads-in-the-clouds of autonomous transport solutions, many more are getting to grips with the essential technology needed to make the dream a...


8th April 2016

Connected cars could bring fair weather for the Cloud

According to IBM there will be 250M connected vehicles on the market by 2020 and they will be connected and fully packaged with sensor technologies. The technology giant also...