7th August 2018

Training Self-Driving AI Takes Humans & Automation

Scale, a San Francisco startup, is looking to bring its knowledge of artificial intelligence to the automotive market. So far, the company counts GM Cruise, Uber, Lyft and NuTonomy...


2nd August 2018

Tesla Readies ‘Onramp to Offramp’ for Autopilot & Promises Profit

During its second-quarter earnings call, Tesla engineers offered numerous updates on the company's technology roadmap, including Autopilot, while CEO Elon Musk promises more profits in the months ahead.


26th July 2018

Consumers to use AI to ‘get a life’, says Continental

Continental has spelled out its vision of the future as one of an era when consumers will come to rely on AI to win back time for living, Paul...


24th July 2018

Toyota Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells & AI to Mobilize 2020 Olympics

The Summer 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be a showcase of sustainable, autonomous vehicle technology, as well as sportsmanship, from Toyota.


2nd July 2018

Intel’s RSS Framework Sets Safety Apart in AV Development

Before resigning last month, former Intel CEO Brian Krzanich laid out a vision for creating safer autonomous vehicles. Here's what the chip maker's Responsibility-Sensitive Safety philosophy could mean to...


26th June 2018

Audi Taps Israeli Tech Firm Cognata for AV Simulation Tests

Audi's self-driving vehicle development arm is partnering with Cognata to help develop simulation testing for autonomous vehicles.


31st May 2018

Toyota, Turing Institute Focus on Marrying Mobility & AI

The 18-month partnership between Toyota and the Alan Turing Institute will focus on automating different forms of mobility through the intelligent manipulation of traffic signals.


15th May 2018

In-Car Ethernet Speeds Up Autonomy Support

In-car Ethernet might lack the marketing appeal of AI or Lidar, but it's an essential component of connected and autonomous vehicles. Here's a look at why.


24th April 2018

Huawei, Groupe PSA Debut DS 7 Crossback Connected Car

Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, and Groupe, Europe's second-biggest automaker, have join forces to offer connected cars to consumers. The DS 7 Crossback is their first vehicle.


19th April 2018

Nvidia Makes Life a (Simulated) Hell for Self-Driving Systems

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia uses its gaming expertise to simulate highways to hell, full of nightmarish scenarios of inclement weather, bad drivers and tricky intersections, then uses this data plus...


9th April 2018

AI Startup DeepScale Closes $15M in Series A Funding

DeepScale specializes in software that helps process the information gathered by various autonomous driving sensors, improving accuracy – and safety – as a result.


3rd April 2018

Autonomous Truck Market to Hit $1.7B by 2025

Jaguar and Waymo teamed up to create the all-electric and self-driving car called the I-Pace. It utilizes Lidar and AI software to scan the terrains and drive on its...