5th November 2021

TCS AutoscapeTM – A Neural Automotive solution for Autonomous Vehicles

In their endeavor to shape the future of mobility, global car manufacturers are racing to develop SAE Level 5 autonomous vehicles (AV). To develop fully autonomous vehicles, manufacturers must...


7th January 2019

Toshiba Incorporating DNN Tech Into Visconti 5 Image Chip

The electronics giant plans to position the Visconti 5 platform, equipped with DNN hardware, as a key component for upcoming ADAS systems.


4th January 2019

Aptiv & AI Specialist Affectiva Want to Know How Drivers Feel

Aptiv and Affectiva are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to find out what drivers and passengers are thinking and feeling.


21st December 2018

Kia Claims AI-Based In-Cabin Tech Will Match Driver’s Emotions

Korean manufacturer Kia will debut its AI enhanced in-car entertainment concept at CES 2019 next month. Its ‘emotive-driving’ concept, dubbed the Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving (R.E.A.D) System, claims to...


14th December 2018

Toyota Invests in Virtual AV Software Dev Parallel Domain

Investment in software development for virtual autonomous vehicle testing continues apace, with Toyota backing startup Parallel Domain.


8th November 2018

Hyundai’s Investment Shows Importance of AI in the Auto Industry

The announcement from Hyundai and is the latest in a string of investments the auto giant has made in artificial intelligence and deep learning technology specialists.


24th October 2018

Nvidia: More Computing Power Makes for Safer AVs

In a filing with the US DOT, Nvidia details how more computing power, whether it's in the data center or on the road, is key to autonomous vehicle safety.


24th September 2018

Weekly Brief: AV Tech Spawns Ethical Dilemma at US Border

Driverless car start-ups are installing LiDAR sensors along the South Texas border with Mexico, The New York Times has reported. We’re not talking about autonomous dune buggies roving back...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


14th September 2018

Nvidia Releases Drive AGX Autonomous Vehicle Dev Kit

Nvidia has opened up its Drive AGX development kit and announced a partnership with Izusu to advance autonomous truck technology.


10th September 2018

BrainChip Akida NSoC Uses Spiking Neural Network Architecture

Biologically inspired spiking neural networks (SNNs) model the behavior of synapses and connectivity found in nature, with applications for self-driving vehicle tech.


4th September 2018

PSA Promises Smart Assistant in Vehicles by 2020

The PSA Group has promised to have a smart assistant in its vehicles within the next two years. It has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Silicon Valley start-up...


29th August 2018

Daimler Joins Electric Supercar Shootout with Vision EQ Silver Arrow

Evoking the glorious roadsters of yesteryear with 21st century horsepower, the Vision EQ Silver Arrow is an all-electric supercar for one. Storied German automaker Daimler, maker of Mercedes-Benz vehicles,...