16th August 2022

Regulatory Standards Hold Key to CAV Development

Quite often and in many industries, such as financial services, there is call for the reduction of regulation and the liberalization of market. In the case of connected and...

By Graham Jarvis


21st November 2018

LiDAR Start-up Claims 1km Object Tracking Range

A LiDAR specialist is claiming its sensor technology is now able to recognize and track moving objects more than a kilometer away. Silicon Valley start-up AEye, which develops LiDAR...


AI Start-Up Achieves Fast LiDAR Performance
2nd October 2018

AI Start-Up Achieves Fast LiDAR Performance

An artificial intelligence start-up is claiming to have developed LiDAR that can recognize other vehicles and pedestrians more rapidly than humans can. Following its warnings about the dangers to...


13th July 2018

The Disrupters: Some LiDARs could cause blindness, warns Aeye

Aeye’s Luis Dussan makes the case against 900-nanometre LiDAR to Louis Bedigian. For all the talk of road safety, you don’t hear many people discuss eye safety when it comes to...

6th June 2018

Making sense of future sensor choices

Choosing between smart of dumb sensor systems, explored by Andrew Williams. Although the capabilities of sensor technology have grown exponentially over the last few years a lot of fine...


18th December 2017

Weekly Brief: Volvo dumps mass trial of full driverless tech

Volvo becomes the first carmaker to blink in the face of escalating pressure to get self-driving cars on the road. Andrew Tolve reports. Volvo’s plans to populate the streets...