29th June 2018

Volvo & FedEx Partner on Self-Driving Truck Tech in US

Volvo's platooning technology uses an ADAS platform to maintain closer vehicle distances, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.


27th June 2018

VW, Nvidia, Bosch Form Autonomous Vehicle Alliance

Dedicated to developing connected and autonomous car technologies, the new NAV Alliance consists of Aquantia, Bosch, Continental, Nvidia and Volkswagen Group of America.


21st June 2018

US Cracks Down on Device That Fools Tesla Autopilot

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has banned US sales of a product that tricks Tesla's Autopilot feature into believing that a driver's hands are still on the steering...


14th June 2018

Tesla’s Musk Promises Autopilot Upgrade for August

Tesla could use some good PR right about now, leading CEO Elon Musk to Twitter to tell the world about an August Autopilot update.


13th June 2018

Huawei’s OceanConnect IoV Platform Debuts at CEBIT

Huawei's OceanConnect IoV Platform, aimed at global automobile manufacturers, promises to speed the digitization of vehicles. The company took the wraps off at CEBIT in Germany this week.


13th June 2018

Automakers Misleading Drivers With ADAS Features, Study Finds

Thatcham Research and the Association of British Insurers feel automakers are misleading consumers about ADAS capabilities.


8th June 2018

Cadillac Will Offer Super Cruise ADAS on All Models

Cadillac is expanding the reach of its Super Cruise ADAS platform at a time when the semi-autonomous vehicle technology is viewed with renewed skepticism.


1st June 2018

Tesla Crash Raises Concerns Over Autopilot ADAS Feature

Two consumer watchdog groups have called on the California DMV to investigate Tesla's marketing practices related to its ADAS system Autopilot.


28th May 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Sales Expected to Hit 5 Million by 2026

Sales of autonomous vehicles are expected to accelerate as consumers adjust to ADAS platforms and companies from GM to Google ramp up investment in self-driving cars.


22nd May 2018

Renesas, Magna Partner on ADAS Sensors for Automated Parking

The Renesas and Magna platform, based on a low-power SoC, offers a 360-degree photorealistic 3D view of the vehicle's environment to better offer automated parking to drivers.


21st May 2018

OEMs Need Software Partners as Connectivity Demands Grow

Connected cars are not only seen as cool, they are essential to the future of transportation -- and automakers need software partners for a market edge, according to one...


18th May 2018

Automated Parking Assist Coming Soon to UK Roads

The UK will start letting its drivers use an ADAS platform to remotely park vehicles starting next month, as long as they are in or within 25 feet of...