27th September 2018

Lexus Showcases Latest Hybrid System with New UX

Lexus’s latest gasoline hybrid system will be showcased in the new Lexus UX crossover making its debut at the Paris Motor Show 2018. It will come in two power...


26th September 2018

Drivers Ill Informed About ADAS Tech Limitations – Study

An AAA survey found ADAS systems can increase driver distraction levels thanks to consumer misunderstandings regarding limits to the technology.


12th September 2018

Lexus UX Hybrid SUV Uses Predictive Braking to Recharge Batteries

The Lexus UX SUV features a host of connectivity features, ADAS add-ons and technology that helps the vehicle's batteries recharge.


11th September 2018

Ford Adds Off-Road Cruise Control to F-150 Raptor Pickup

While a number of research institutes and automakers are still working on off-road ADAS platforms, Ford is bringing Trail Control to market this year.


10th September 2018

BrainChip Akida NSoC Uses Spiking Neural Network Architecture

Biologically inspired spiking neural networks (SNNs) model the behavior of synapses and connectivity found in nature, with applications for self-driving vehicle tech.


5th September 2018

At Last Mercedes Enters the EV Bull-Pit

It might be seen as something of a Johnnie-come-lately but Mercedes-Benz, two years after showing its first all-electric concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show, has unveiled its new...


29th August 2018

Drivers Believe Automated Safety Has Prevented Crashes, J.D. Power Says

A majority of new-car drivers with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) say those features helped prevent an accident in the first 90 days they owned the car, according to...


23rd August 2018

UK Fleets Drivers Mystified by ADAS, Study Claims

Company car drivers in the UK find current ADAS features too confusing with one even thinking the dash coffee alert light was just pointing out the location of a...


13th August 2018

Tesla Safety Features Are Reducing Some Kinds of Liability Claims

While many have their doubts about ADAS features, one study shows that's Tesla's Autopilot technology appears to have reduced some insurance claims.


9th August 2018

Luxoft Inks Deal for ADAS Developer Objective Software

Luxoft, the system integration and development partner for more than 30 automotive OEMs, snaps up Objective Software, a Germany-based ADAS platform developer.


30th July 2018

ADAS Features Still Leave Consumers Nervous

A Strategy Analytics report finds consumers are still wary about driver assistance systems that could help them park their cars.


30th July 2018

Hyundai Mobis Develops Steering System for Autonomous Vehicles

The redundant control mode developed by Hyundai Mobis prevents accidents due to steering errors that could occur when the vehicle is in autonomous driving mode.