Automotive Transformation: Three Challenges and a Moment of Clarity
30th June 2020

Automotive Transformation: Three Challenges and a Moment of Clarity

NetApp has been around for many years as a trusted on premise IT vendor.  In recent years, however, the company has been adapting to the cloud technology advancements occurring...

By Steve Bell


16th March 2020

Test of Complex Autonomous Vehicle Designs

Autonomous vehicles (AV) combine multiple sensors, computers, and communication technology to make driving safer and improve the driver’s experience. Learn about design and test of complex sensor and communication...

Keysight Technologies


17th January 2019

Hyundai Ioniq Updated With ADAS Package & Blue Link Connectivity

Hyundai's latest iteration of its Ioniq sedan features an updated interior with navigation system and an expanded ADAS package standard.


16th January 2019

Tesla Is Target & Prize in White Hat Hacker Contest

Hacking into a Tesla Model 3 can earn someone up to $250,000 in a Pwn2Own contest.


9th January 2019

Mobileye CEO: Automation Can Save Lives Without Self-Driving Cars

At CES this week, Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua detailed how the company's technology can make driving safer, even if that falls short of fully autonomous vehicles doing all the...


8th January 2019

Nvidia’s Drive AutoPilot System Is for Human-Supervised Self-Driving

At CES this week, Nvidia plans to unveil Drive AutoPilot, which the chip maker claims will bring ADAS to the next level.


7th January 2019

Toshiba Incorporating DNN Tech Into Visconti 5 Image Chip

The electronics giant plans to position the Visconti 5 platform, equipped with DNN hardware, as a key component for upcoming ADAS systems.


25th October 2018

AAA: ADAS Systems Could Drive Up Vehicle Repair Costs

A new study from AAA finds ADAS can add an extra $3,000 in repair costs, thanks to sensors and cameras that require specific parts and expertise.


24th October 2018

Continental, TU Darmstadt Partner on ADAS City Assistant Platform

Continental and TU Darmstat are using machine learning, combined with cameras and GPS, to help drivers make better driving decisions in urban traffic environments.


Drivers Want Ownership Over Data Connected Cars Collect – Survey
19th October 2018

Drivers Want Ownership Over Data Connected Cars Collect – Survey

In addition to attitudes toward data collection, the ACA survey findings revealed low awareness among US vehicle owners of the data their cars produce, as well as who owns...


11th October 2018

Rand Study Calls for Greater Self-Driving Vehicles Safety Standards

Automakers and governments need to work together in order to share information and develop a common set of safety standards for autonomous vehicles, according to the Rand Corporation.


5th October 2018

BlackBerry & Virginia Tech Want Students Developing Autonomous Apps on QNX

Virginia Tech is teaming up with BlackBerry to help put the company's QNX software into the hands of students with an eye toward developing new applications for connected and...