14th November 2019

Mobility Start-ups Shine in TechStars Detroit Class of 2019

Getting in front of the right people is one of the biggest challenges for any start-up. With a new name and wider focus, Techstars Detroit condenses three years of...

By Susan Kuchinskas


20th December 2018

ADAS Building Favor Among Carbuyers, Says Continental

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are proving popular despite warnings from auto safety organizations concerning consumer confusion over the limitations of the technology. A study, commission by component maker...

Report by Nathan Eddy and Greg Hyde


26th November 2018

Weekly Brief: Turkey Day Traffic Trauma Ahead of LA Auto Show

Thanksgiving is a time of appreciation, turkey legs, hot gravy, family reunions and, of course, the great American tradition of sitting in traffic. Lots and lots of traffic. This...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


16th November 2018

ADAS Titles Confusing US Drivers, AAA Study Claims

American motorists are unaware that ADAS technology with names like Autopilot won’t, in reality, drive their car for them. These are the worrying findings of an AAA survey suggesting...


25th October 2018

AAA: ADAS Systems Could Drive Up Vehicle Repair Costs

A new study from AAA finds ADAS can add an extra $3,000 in repair costs, thanks to sensors and cameras that require specific parts and expertise.


26th September 2018

Drivers Ill Informed About ADAS Tech Limitations – Study

An AAA survey found ADAS systems can increase driver distraction levels thanks to consumer misunderstandings regarding limits to the technology.


30th August 2018

Jaguar Driverless ‘Tips the Wink’ to Gain Consumer Trust

A carmaker has enlisted the help of a team of cognitive psychologists to better understand how vehicle behavior affects human confidence. British automaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has fitted...


27th June 2018

Self-Driving Shuttle Service Debuts in Downtown Detroit

A joint venture between real estate firm Bedrock and startup May Mobility will bring autonomous shuttle services to a select area of downtown Detroit.


23rd May 2018

AAA Survey: AV Accidents Put Americans on Edge

Crashes involving Waymo and Uber self-driving vehicles – though caused by humans, not the cars themselves – have fueled fears about autonomous vehicles and technology, according to a new...


15th May 2018

Gallop: Americans Not Sold on Self-Driving Cars’ Benefits

A Gallup poll of 1,500 US residents found that while Americans are wedded to their cars, they're not yet ready to give up control behind the wheel.


16th March 2018

AV START Bill Hits Opposition from Democratic Lawmakers

A group of five Democratic Senators want the bill to include greater privacy and safety protections for consumers, among other concerns.


21st February 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Safety Remains a Consumer Roadblock

Drivers across the globe are worried not only about on-the-road safety but also have concerns over who has access to their driving data, according to a new report.