19th March 2018

5G & Edge Computing: Enabling Autonomous Vehicles

The rollout of 5G, combined with the ability to compute on the edge, is allowing for new developments in V2V and V2I communications. Here's why low latency and gigabit...


16th March 2018

5G Wireless Technology Key to Connected Car Evolution

Connected and autonomous vehicles will require high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency 5G networks in order to operate, according to a new report.


14th March 2018

Verizon’s Fleet Management Push Signals Telematics Importance

Verizon has consolidated its fleet management acquisitions into one group dubbed Verizon Connect, which will look to bring new telematic technologies to the enterprise, small business and consumer markets.


9th February 2018

Huawei, Telefonica Complete First V2X Tests

Huawei and Telefonica have completed the first proof-of-concept testbed connecting assisted driving vehicles to a 5G-based, vehicle-to-infrastructure network.


24th January 2018

Hyundai & Cisco Will Deliver Over-the-Air Updates in 2019

Established in 2016, the Hyundai-Cisco collaboration is preparing to introduce over-the-air updates in 2019.


22nd January 2018

5G Will Create Cloud of Connected Vehicles

As the 3GPP has approved the first standard for 5Gnetworks, new V2V and V2X technologies will be available this year, including on-the-fly, cloud connectivity.


19th January 2018

Samsung, Harman Reveals New Driverless Car Offerings

Samsung and Harman showed their new cockpit, telematics and DRVLINE autonomous platform at CES.


9th January 2018

LG, HERE Developing Mapping, Location Services

LG expects 5G connectivity to enhance its offering with HERE that builds off its HD Live Map.


16th January 2012

International CES Weekly Brief—1.16.12

Expedia, Inc. has chosen Dhiren Fonseca and Gary Fritz to lead its global Partner Services Group.