2020 Consumer Electronics Show

13th January 2020

Weekly Brief: US Abandons AV Restraint as Makers Self-Regulate

The United States government would like the self-driving car industry to know something. It’s that it can do whatever it would like, wherever it would like, whenever it would...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


8th January 2020

BMW Gaze Tracker to Entertain Bored Passengers

Looking out of the passenger window on a long dull drive could become a world of information and entertainment with BMW’s gaze-tracking technology. The system is the headline feature...


7th January 2020

Harman’s Hi-Fi Means More: ‘Pipe Down, I Want to Hear the Music!’

Having to shout above the sound of the car’s stereo could be a thing of the past with an infotainment system that turns its volume down when it hears...


3rd January 2020

Aisin’s Robot Bus Unveils at 2020 CES

Auto Tier 1, Aisin, will unveil its autonomous public transport ‘bus’ concept aiming to showcase its expertise in connectivity, electrification and automation. The unveil of “i-mobility TYPE-C20” planned for...


3rd January 2020

Like a Foxtrot, 2020 Likely to be Quick-Quick-Slow for Auto Tech

Technology is firmly ensconced in the auto industry, with automakers, Tier 1s and other suppliers convinced that software and technology will become at least as important as vehicle components....

By Susan Kuchinskas


2nd January 2020

Deep Learning ADAS Breakthrough Demo at CES

A deep learning model is claiming a 25% uplift in ADAS accuracy ahead of its demonstration at 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Automotive product engineering and lifecycle services company,...


20th December 2019

Hyundai Presents Smart City Vision at CES

Hyundai will present its vision of life in the future smart city at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. Central to its vision is the personal air vehicle (PAV) and...


19th December 2019

Hybrid Battery ‘Cafe Racer’ Concept at CES

A battery specialist will showcase its hybrid battery system by presenting a modern vision of the cafe racer motorcycles of the 1960s. The Nawa Racer concept will be the...