2018 NAIAS

13th December 2018

Denso Banks on Heated Sensors For Ice-Able Autonomous Tech

A new licensing agreement signed by electronics giant Denso is claiming to advance the chances of driverless vehicles coping in ice and snow conditions. Finland’s touchscreen and 3D film...


23rd March 2018

Proven driverless tech is a billion miles away, says Hyundai

There are several doomsday theorists who are afraid of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to overthrow the planet but cars will have to learn to drive themselves before...


9th March 2018

High rollers eager for tech engagement, says Cadillac

Premium consumers are driving the uptake of connected services according to Donny Nordlicht, head of product and technology communications with Cadillac. That’s not all down to sheer chance, either,...


23rd February 2018

Integration-as-a-service is a now a supplier’s role, says Continental

First Tier suppliers will have to provide a much broader service to carmakers than just components in an ever more complex technological landscape. That’s the opinion of Frank Jourdan,...


9th February 2018

Lincoln will not overwhelm consumers with new tech

Carmakers will have to think long and hard over how they implement future technologies to guard against ‘overwhelming’ consumers. That’s the opinion of Molly Cosgrove brand manager Lincoln Navigator...


28th January 2018

Robots will make fatal mistakes, Continental concedes

People killed by autonomous vehicles are an inevitable price to pay for a Vision Zero future. That’s the admission made by Dr Elmar Degenhart, chief executive officer and executive...