T-Mobile Venture Fund invests $6m in deCarta

T-Mobile Venture Fund invests $6m in deCarta

deCarta's geospatial software platform gives mobile LBS application developers and mobile operators the ability to quickly build and deploy applications that integrate a wide variety of map and data sources to provide complex local search, navigation, mapping, social networking and spatial search functions.

deCarta's technology is ideal for the full continuum of mobile LBS solutions, including off-board, server-based applications offered by mobile operators through to "connected navigation" – the ability to integrate PNDs and smartphones through real-time two-way mobile connectivity to a variety of dynamic data sources and local search services.

According to recent market data from Nielsen Mobile, location-based services have grown to account for 58% of the total downloaded application revenue in North America.In this rapidly expanding market, deCarta has built a leading position with 90% of mobile LBS revenue at these carriers running on the company's technology.

J. Kim Fennell, president & CEO of deCarta, commented that T-Mobile's investment is a firm endorsement of the pivotal role deCarta plays in accelerating the delivery of location-oriented mobile applications and services to consumers around the world through its extensive network of LBS developers and partners.

The T-Mobile Venture Fund investment is part of a larger financing round. Additional investors have yet to be announced.

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