SVOX brings speech solutions to Android

SVOX brings speech solutions to Android

SVOX has joined the Open Handset Alliance and shares the Alliance's vision to develop an open, complete and free platform for mobile devices.

The company will contribute an industry-leading speech output solution known under its development name SVOX Pico.

SVOX's contribution to the Android platform comprises the SVOX Pico TTS engine, six language packages (US and UK English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) and tools that can be used to create new languages and voices.

The company's speech solutions portfolio, with more than twenty languages, covers all major markets.

SVOX CEO Martin Reber commented: "SVOX is committed to bringing high quality speech to the mobile market, with first-class support and integration services. This is the first step in our mission to bring natural-language technology to the Android community."

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