7th November 2017

TU-Automotive Europe 2017: Day 1

In redefining the role and function of the automobile, in-car connectivity is enabling a singular, and very welcome, coupling of private and public needs. With urban populations predicted to...


6th November 2017

Weekly Brief: Ford connected car hopes pinned on new cellular technology

Ford may be lagging behind with self-driving tech but it’s taking the lead on cellular technology with help from Qualcomm. Andrew Tolve reports. Imagine if your car could communicate...


3rd November 2017

Video: OTA is potential revenue boost for carmakers


27th October 2017

The cloud can’t hold all the answers for data handling

In the era of connected and autonomous vehicles, the importance of cloud processing is growing exponentially. Also, carmakers are working hard to create a solid and balanced mix of...


20th October 2017

Video: Cherry-picking connected car data is vital says Airbiquity


13th October 2017

Commercial mobility the biggest challenge for city fleets

The urban space is complex and dynamic, creating challenges as well as opportunities for city based fleets. One key focus surrounds new technology and subsequent regulation. Ginny Weeks discusses...


6th October 2017

Driverless challenges yet to be completely solved

As the successor organisation to Stanford University’s Stanford Research Institute, SRI International has a rich pedigree in its field. Active in one form or another since 1946, the Silicon...


29th September 2017

Video: Carmakers right not to fear connectivity, says Inmarsat


8th September 2017

Public-private JVs point the way for connected cars

Cities need to make themselves more liveable to attract residents and, especially, tax-paying businesses. A primary goal, then, for municipal and regional authorities is to reduce road congestion and...


1st September 2017

Video: Consumers say they’re ready for UBI, according to Willis Towers Watson


18th August 2017

Connectivity breathes new life into carmaker prospects says GM

The future of mobility is changing drastically thanks to a wide variety of new and innovative technologies. From cameras and sensors for autonomous driving to connectivity and the IoT,...


7th August 2017

Weekly Brief: Toyota & Mazda partner in US plant and connected cars

A new factory in the US is the start of a wide-ranging partnership for the connected car. Andrew Tolve reports. Donald Trumpfinally got his way. It was not with...