22nd January 2018

Weekly Brief: In wake of CES, Detroit Auto Show gets back to basics

Connected tech was largely absent from the North American International Auto Show. Andrew Tolve reports. Tens of thousands of car fanatics descended on the 2018 Detroit Auto Show for...


19th January 2018

Few off-the-shelf tech answers for connected cars

Changing attitudes and circumstances have led to a lot more collaboration across industries, even among rival companies. Yet, to enable the creation of a collaborative system within the auto...


12th January 2018

Video: Dutch say governments must invest in auto infrastructure


5th January 2018

Selling the whole story of connected car tech

With a growing landscape of autonomous and connected car technologies entering the market, consumers are also facing a growing number of adoption issues. Educating them about what the tech...


15th December 2017

Journeys on the edge: ADAS, data and edge computing

According to Recode magazine, “The future of advanced-edge computing is actually in autonomous cars”. The article says companies such as Intel, Nvidia, ARM, Harman and Qualcomm “see connected cars...


11th December 2017

Weekly Brief: GM launches in-car supermarket

General Motors wants to turn your dashboard into a hub for pre-orders and purchases. Andrew Tolve reports. Feeling in the mood for a dark mocha frappuccino? How about a...


8th December 2017

5G could become the mouth-and-ears for driverless cars

Many experts are pondering the technologies that will allow a car to communicate with its environment. So, if the automotive industry wants to benefit from autonomous cars, the auxiliary...


1st December 2017

Connected bikes cannot compromise ‘freedom’, says Kawasaki

While connectivity services have been slow to catch on in the car industry, it’s been virtually moribund in the field of motorcycle marketing. Yet, in spite of this manufacturers...


22nd November 2017

Ford will woo consumers with connectivity

Connecting the car to the IoT should bring new revenue streams to carmakers but, so far, most consumer surveys show the technology has failed to excite car buyers. Yet,...


17th November 2017

DS plots its course for the connected car

Connectivity should be seen as a major liberator for automotive industry too often trammelled by the constraints of its hardware. This is the opinion of Yves Bonnefont director general...


10th November 2017

The Disrupters: Kymeta in the race to handle connected car data

Next-generation mobile communications networks aren’t here yet but that hasn’t stopped the hype for 5G and its potential to facilitate the autonomous cars of tomorrow. While driverless cars must...


10th November 2017

VW updates infotainment amid US sales hot streak

Volkswagen is updating infotainment systems in US models, with the Golf line-up the latest with better, faster touchscreens. “We went from a 5-in. (13-cm) display for the entry-level radio...